Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2, 2015 - Week 71 (no email on week 70 due to Christmas)

Happy New Year family! 2015!!!! It was so great to talk to you all on Christmas! Everyone looks great! I think that was and is the first time I´ve felt trunky in the mission. But not too long from now I´ll get to see you all! My companion and I got a special transfer. They called us on Sunday to tell us my companion would be leaving the next day. But anyways, I´m with an American now!!!! Her name is Hermana Harden. I actually met her on FB before we left on the mission cuz we found out we were going to the same place. She just has a transfer less than me. And she´s from Denton! Her family moved though since she´s been on the mission. But we get along SOOO well. We both worked in movie theaters, her mom worked at GTE/Verizon, from the same city, like all the same stuff, both served in Tamboril, etc. This is the most fun I´ve had in the mission up until now. I´m so happy to be with her. But everything else is going great too. Ivelice has her baptism next Saturday! She´s so ready. She finished reading all the conference talks and is in Alma in the BOM. We did a practice interview with all the baptismal questions and she passed everything. I´m really excited! Hermana Harden and I are gonna do a special musical number and Ivelice is going to bring her daughter! I hope it´s a really special day. We just have 3 more visits before then. Another man we are teaching is really progressing too! He came again to church on Sunday. He has a date for the end of the month, but we haven´t been able to visit him for a couple weeks so I don´t know what will happen. We´re gonna try though. But maybe it will end up being in February. New Years Eve was really fun! We had a zone activity and ate and watched movies and played sports and then we went to a members house for dinner and at midnight there were fireworks SUPER close to our house that we went out to watch. Yesterday was pretty crazy still in the streets. Lots of partying and drinking. Our numbers kinda stink this week, but that´s how it goes during the holidays. I just ordered a special plaque with all my companions and areas on the back for when I go home. First time it´s hit me how close I am to finishing. 1 transfer goes by super fast. But I´m getting ready (still not ready, but getting there). haha. I wanna work hard until the very end. No regrets. Well looks like you all had a ton of fun together from all the pics. Wish I could have been there! Looking forward to lots of fun times together when I get home. But, I love you all!! I hope you had a wonderful new years.

Hermana Woolf

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