Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - Week 69
Hey! One week until Christmas!! I´m sure you guys are gonna have a great time together! So it´s been a good week. A woman we’re teaching is doing great. She´s still going strong without coffee. I´m so proud of her. I really think she´ll be ready to be baptized in a few weeks. We had 11 people in church on Sunday, including a family we’ve been teaching. I was so happy when they showed up. We´re going to teach them tonight so we´ll see what happens. I really hope they continue to progress. We also have this guy.. i can´t remember if I´ve told you about him, but he´s super awesome. He´s come to church the last 2 weeks and says he loves it. We left him an assignment to read 3 nephi 11 this past week and he read it several times and had it practically memorized and prayed about it. So we put a date for Jan 24. He´s really awesome. We have our branch Christmas party on Friday! I´m really excited! We´re having a feast and the primary kids are surprising everyone with a run way show.. they have to bring all sorts of clothes... church, beach. formal, etc. I´m sure it will be super cute. Yesterday we had a multi zone conference for Christmas! Each zone prepared something to present. It was super funny. There were midget dances, skits, songs, videos. It was hilarious. We did a skit that a new kid just got to the mission Dec 24 and didn´t want to be there and wanted to go home for Christmas. but his trainer told him he would have the best Christmas ever and then we broke into singing winter wonderland mixed with don´t worry be happy and then he was happy to be in the mission. It was really cute. After all the performances we got a huge feast from Pres and Sis Douglas: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, salad, and candy cane cake for dessert! It was SOOO good. Then we had the meeting and learned about how to know Christ and how to become like Peter and then had a testimony meeting, and a musical devotional at the end. It was a great day. We had to sleep over with some other sisters in Santiago cuz we were far from home and there weren´t any buses to get back. So then today we went to calle de sol where all the tourist shopping is and did some shopping. I wanted to buy a tshirt but I didn´t find one i liked. I just did some shopping for our zone Christmas party next Wednesday. We´re doing a gift exchange and having a Christmas lunch and watching Christmas movies. It will be so fun. And since we´re the ¨princesses¨ we just have to bring the rice and they will all be bringing something else and chipping in 100 pesos to buy chicken. :) I guess it´s pretty good being the only sisters now. Haha. I FINALLY got my journal back from Tamboril. It´s been there for 9 months. Now i´m super stressed out to get it to everyone in just 2 months but I´ve already gotten it to like 4 people in 4 days so I just gotta keep bugging people about it. lol. Thanks for signing me up for housing. I´m convincing more and more people to go to BYUI here. Haha. I´m excited though. But just one week til I get to talk to you guys! Well I guess i´ll talk to you Wednesday by email and then skype on Thursday. lol. Love you all!
Hermana Woolf

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