Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - Week 67

Happy December everyone! Wow it´s almost Christmas! It so doesn´t feel like it! I still gotta figure out how I´m going to skype you guys. But now 3 of the 4 of us in this area are Americans so I´m sure we´ll be able to figure something out. So yeah as you know today was transfers, but as you also know training is 3 months so I´m still with my daughter. I´m pretty positive I´ll just finish with her here. I CANNOT BELIEVE I´M ON MY SECOND TO LAST TRANSFER! :((((( And Christmas always goes by super fast so these last couple months are gonna fly. I´m excited to see all of you again, but I wish I could stay too. And I´m a little scared to go back to real life. Ha. Our zone like I told you is now, just us two sisters and 14 elders.. it will be interesting... my zone leader told me we would be the ¨princesses of the zone¨ but I´m pretty sure they´re just gonna wanna play football every week. Haha. But this has been a good week. We´ve done a lot of service. We helped build a house and we painted a house. (everyone I mean EVERYONE paints their houses in December.) It looks awesome though! When I can take a pic I´ll send it to you. Things are good with our investigators. We´re mostly focusing on Ivelice right now. I really think she´ll be ready in January. She told us yesterday that she feels she´s progressing toward her date. She´s come the last 5 weeks in a row to church. It´s awesome. Her husband is really happy. On Sunday we had the primary program! It was sooo cute!! There are only like 15 kids but they all did so great! Each one had to memorize an article of faith.. it was amazing. Even 6 year olds got up there and had their whole AOF memorized! And almost all of them had little talks, including Johan. He did awesome! His mom and stepdad came! It was really special. Yesterday was my daughter´s bday. I tried to make it special. I had the house decorated when she woke up with her favorite stuff... chips, twix, and soda. Haha. Then at night I surprised her in the church with a bunch of members. We ate sandwiches and had a cake and we sang. I think she had a good time. But sounds like everything went great for Thanksgiving and surprising Maureah!! Wish I could have been there! And you´ve got lots of activities coming up! I´m really excited for the Christmas Devotional! Well I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Woolf

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