Friday, January 30, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - Week 75
Heeyyy!! How are you guys?? This week has gone faster than any other week in the mission! Only 1 month left now! We´ve had a great week. We have a few people really progressing. Ivelice came again with Geresly to church on Sunday and they stayed all 3 hours!! They just made the decision to leave their business for that time because church is more important. Geresly went to a YW activity yesterday and had a lot of fun. She´s definitely ready to be baptized. I´m glad you guys will be here to see it! That will be great! Ivelice has an interview this week to get a calling! :) And she´s going to have her temple recommend interview too. I CONVINCED THE VILLA GONZALEZ BRANCH TO GO TO THE TEMPLE ON THE SAME DAY AS THE TAMBORIL BRANCH AND US!!! IT´S GONNA BE THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! I´m super excited! A man we've been teaching ended up getting all the money he needed and was supposed to have his surgery sometime this week. We´re going to call him tomorrow to see how it went. We´re really hoping for a quick recovery so he can still get baptized in February. Our inactive friend said he´s going to bring him every single week to church and we´re going to baptize his young son too hopefully! He came with his entire family this week! I´m really excited for his progress. Another man we are teaching is progressing a lot too. When we put the date last week with him he was super excited and asked if we would start coming twice a week to help him prepare. I´m really hopeful. On Sunday we get to go watch a broadcast from SLC by Elder Holland specifically for the carribean. I´m sooooo excited! We´re trying to get our investigators to go too. Wow you REALLY shouldn´t have sent me anything for my birthday! I´m gonna be home so soon. But thank you!! I´m excited to get it! And Dad thanks for the souvenir invitation! Maybe we can go to this place called calle de sol. It´s a huge tourist shopping place. I can´t WAIT to see you guys!!! See ya in a month!! Love you!!
Hermana Woolf

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