Friday, January 16, 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - Week 72
Hey. Wow I´m kinda overwhelmed right now with the news about Grammie. When I left for the mission I thought maybe it was possible that I wouldn´t see her again, but just recently I was thinking that I´m almost done and I would get to see her when I get back. It was a complete shock to hear of her death. I know you were always telling me she was sick, but she´s always gotten over everything. I really wish I could have said goodbye. She has had such a big impact in my life. She was such a wonderful person and loved everyone. I´m gonna miss her a lot. I wish I could be there for the funeral. Pass along my love for everyone. Well other than that, it´s been a good week. Ivelice is so amazing! We taught her last week about temples and she really wants to go. The branch is going in a couple weeks and she´s gonna try to go! How awesome is that?? I´m gonna ask President if maybe he´ll make an exception and let me go too since I´ll be in my last transfer and it´s on a Wednesday so I wouldn´t miss proselyting time. Maybe he´ll say yes. She´s already talking about her temple sealing in spain in a year! I´m so happy for her. Just 3 days until her baptism! We talked to her yesterday about getting her daughter to go now to church with her. It´s hard with the colmado, but her mom offered to give up selling food in the morning to stay and help so she can go too!! I hope it works out! She wants to be baptized too, she just needs to start going to church. If it works out, we talked about having her baptized Feb 28, 2 days after Gabriel comes and I´ll still be here! I´m hoping for a miracle! We finally found a man we've been teaching in his house after a couple weeks without seeing him. We had a super amazing lession about the word of wisdom and he agreed to live it. He was kinda ify about going to church for a couple weeks while he´s figuring out some stuff, but we shared with him a passage of scripture when Christ is speaking the nephites and tells them to put the kingdom of god first and not worry about the morrow. The spirit was really strong and at the end of the lession he decided he wants to go in Sunday. He is such a great person and I know he´ll be blessed if he goes. Sunday was a really great day. We had lots in church and then ALL of our plans went exactly how we had planned them which is very difficult to make happen. Monday was a holiday here so we went to Yuvi´s house and made tacos with a bunch of people. It was really fun. I felt an earthquake this week! First one of my life! It wasn´t very big though. We´re having another sister conference with all the sisters in the mission on Friday. I have to speak! Welp. I hope it goes good. Transfers are next week. I hope there aren´t changes, which I don´t think there will be. Hermana Harden is so great! I´m having so much fun! Thanks for finding out the info about classes. I have an interview with Pres Douglas this month so I´ll have him do the ecclesiastical endorsement. I hope it works out to sign up when I get home. That would be great. Well I gotta go. I´ll be praying for everyone. I love you all so much!!

Hermana Woolf

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