Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - Week 40

Hey! How is everything? Today is my half way mark!!! It`s going way too fast. I still have so much more I want to do. But it`s been a great first half! Unfortunately the sisters don`t do anything to celebrate... :( We like our clothes too much to burn anything. Haha. I suggested we should buy something new instead. Lol. Sounds like you guys had a great week filled with lots of fun activities! That`s so exciting about One Act! what was the rule that made them get 3rd instead of 2nd?? Still, that`s awesome that they could place 2 years in a row! Wish I could have seen it! Thanks for all the dental info Mom. I`m glad I`m covered here! I`ll let you know how it works out. Mom, could you accept someone on FB for me? Edingson Sosa. Also if there is someone named Ivonne. Thanks. Well it`s been a pretty good week. It was Mother`s Day here on Sunday so everyone has been celebrating. On Saturday the branch president called up all the sisters in the branch to meet at the church that night without telling them what they would be doing. He piled them all in his truck and took them to Santiago to go out to eat, visit the monument, and eat ice cream. They all LOVED it. It was so sweet. My comp talked to her fam on Sunday and I got to meet her family. They don`t know English OR Spanish so it was pretty difficult to communicate. But they seem really nice. Our investigator Jose Manuel came to church this week! I`m glad he still had the desire to come! He seemed to already know lots of people in the branch so that was good. I hope he continues to progress. Elizabett got back this week finally! We visited her yesterday and put a baptismal date. She accepted! It`s kinda weird though, she has this friend in the states that lives in Washington. Anyways, he called me this week to tell me that she doesn`t have a job and is having a hard time, and if I could try to ask around to find something for her. I`m gonna ask in the branch if anyone knows of anything. But he called me again today saying that she`s having a bad relationship in the house she`s in and might move to Santiago this week. :( I hope not. I really want to keep teaching her. I hope everything works out. So yesterday we had an interesting experience... I don`t know if I`ve told you, but there are TONS of Jehovah`s Witnesses in this country that go around door to door like us. I`ve had a few chances to talk to them before in the street, but never like yesterday. We were in the house of a member, but only the kids were home. We were there doing service. Well 3 Jehovah`s Witnesses came up and asked to come in and wanted to share with us. I was kinda scared actually. I didn`t know if they would start bashing us or what. They were really nice though and just taught about Christ and that we should love our neighbor. It was a little awkward though. Haha. So I`m trying to give up soda. It`s actually impossible to give it up completely because if people offer you some, you have to drink it. So I haven`t BOUGHT soda for almost 2 weeks, but I`ve been given it like 4 times. Haha. The life of a missionary. But everything else has been great. We`ve been finding new people to teach so hopefully some of them have potential. Hope you all have a great week! I love you!!
Hermana Woolf

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