Friday, May 23, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - Week 39

WOW! You guys had a busy week! That`s so exciting for Jamie! What a great job she got! She`s gonna be rich this summer! And the hours are perfect! You guys have had some great missionary experiences this week! I`m glad the inactive girl likes going to church and went with you! It`s so important to rescue those that have strayed. And sounds like the FHE with the new convert was great! Now is maybe the most important part of his conversion. So Jamie is going to start attending YSA ward now? Like in the summer? Crazy!! I`m excited to hear how One Acts go! I hope FMHS does well! That`s so awesome that Scott and Maureah are there too! That will be so special for Jamie! How was your birthday Dad?? I wish I could eat some steak right about now! :) I need updates on my Spurs every week! I need to know how they`re doing in the playoffs!! :) Well we`ve had a great week here. We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday which was great. On Saturday we went at 5, but found out when we got there that that was the time for the priesthood session and the adult session started at 7.... Luckily the sisters in that area were there and we went on splits with them for 2 hours. I got to go out with an American which was so fun! On Sunday we had to meet at the church at nine to all go in a bus together as a branch. We told EVERYONE about it, even saying they needed to arrive before 9. But, several of our inactives and investigators arrived late, and missed the bus so they couldn`t go. :( It was really sad because a guy we contacted a couple weeks ago went for the first time and when he found out we weren`t there, he started asking in businesses nearby and called us 12 times! I felt so bad. I hope he still has the same desire to go this Sunday! Emily and Johan went though! They are the 2 kids we are teaching that their parents are inactive. They`ve been coming a lot. I just can`t baptize them though. Not while their parents are inactive. There`s no way they will stay active through their teenage years without the help of their parents. We`re really trying to help their mom especially. Hopefully one day. The girl I told you about that we contacted, Elizabett, has been in Monte Cristi for over a week so we haven`t been able to see her, but we heard that she went to church there these past 2 Sundays!! I`m so happy she`s progressing even without our help! So on Saturday a family in our branch asked us to go help them straighten the hair of their 4 daughters for stake conference. (they found out I have a straightener. :) ) So we went, and it took us 4 hours!!!!!!!!! I`ve never been so thankful for my hair before. Wow their hair here is ridiculous! But they all looked so cute the next day. We`ve been having SOOOO much rain here! Literally every single day this month. There have been times when it`s so strong that we can`t even leave someone`s house. We can`t even hear the person we`re teaching that`s sitting 2 feet in front of us! It`s crazy! I love the rain though. It makes it much cooler! lol. Okay so I have a question. I`ve been having a little bit of pain in one of my teeth recently. It`s not like super painful and I don`t feel it every day, just once in a while. But I`m thinking of checking it out. Before I left the dentist filled a cavity in this tooth and said that I needed to take care of it so it didn`t become a root canal. Well I`ve been taking really good care of it, I brush and floss my teeth every single day, but now I`m worried about what he said. I feel like I would know if it were a root canal because I would be in a lot of pain, but I don’t know? The thing is that the church doesn`t cover dental expenses. Do we have dental insurance, and if so, does it cover me here? If not, I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. But in like 2 weeks, there`s a dentist coming from the states that works for the church and Sister Douglas told me that he can check it out for free. But if it`s something serious like a root canal, he won`t have the equipment to do it for me. I`ll have to go to a dentist here. But if it`s something simple, he can do it for free. Anyways, I`ll let you know what happens with him when he comes. Just curious about the insurance if I need to go to the dentist. If it costs a lot, the office will pay for it and I`ll have like a plan to pay them back so don`t worry about putting money on the card or anything. I`ll let you know more about that later. Well I`ll be thinking of you guys tonight and about one acts! Hope it all goes well! I love you all!
Hermana Woolf

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