Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wednesday, May 14 - Week 38

Hey! Long time no see or talk I guess.... Haha. It was so great to see you all! Sorry it was a little difficult with the connection and the lighting. I`m glad it worked out though with hangout and I could see the whole fam! Mom, I think I forgot to wish you a Happy Mother`s Day!! That was the whole point of the call! I hope you had a great day though! I`m glad I could talk to you! Well not too much new in only 3 short days.... Haha. But today we went to Santiago because my comp needed to see the mission doctor. She told me her toe was hurting. When we got there I found out why. She had an ingrown toenail! I know how that feels. The doctor cut it off right there in the mission home and Sister Douglas gave her the only pair of flip flops that she owns so she could walk. So sweet. I got to see a bunch of people from my group!! It was so great! I haven`t seen them since we first got here so it was good to catch up! We went to a supermarket in Santiago to pick up some things we can`t find in our area and I was thinking about no bakes and what ingredients I would need. Well for some reason I thought there was corn syrup which is actually in o henrys or something. Anyways, I was going to buy all the ingredients to make that, but decided not to because I couldn`t find the corn syrup. Lol. Then I tried to remember the ingredients for the krispie cookies and found all of the 1000000 ingredients and last of all looked for rice krispies and there wasn`t any. :( So I didn`t buy anything... But thanks for the recipies. Now I know what I need! So Sister Orme doesn`t have to pay to bring the package right? If not, there are a few things I could use. I lost my umbrella a couple months ago. I bought a new one, but they don`t sell durable umbrellas here. It`s already starting to break. Do you remember the umbrella you bought before I left? Black and really small to fit in my bag. It was in Walgreens for like 10 dollars I think. If you find one, that would be great! Also could you send me my red and blue shorts and my I`m awesome tshirt? If the package needs to be small, don`t worry about it. But that`s it. I can`t think of anything else. Sounds like you all have been really busy!! It`s great to have so many activities! I hope the one act goes well!! That`s great you`re going to have an FHE with the new convert! I`ve learned being a missionary that friendship is SOOOO important for converts. If they don`t feel welcomed or feel like they have friends, they will fall away. I`m glad our ward at home is so good about that. I wish I could help the people here understand that. There`s a reason we have 600 inactives in our area and only 55 actives. But I think they`re starting to recognize that this is the problem. Thanks for the pic of Robin Mom!! She looked so beautiful! Dad, we haven`t gotten the conference talks yet, but it takes a little longer to print in Spanish so I think we`ll get them next month. But I get it in English. I can`t wait to read them again! Well that`s about all that`s new for now. :) Next week I`m sure there will be more. I love you all!!!! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!
Hermana Stephanie Woolf

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