Friday, May 9, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - Week 37

Hey fam! It`s been an exciting week this week! As you could see from my pictures, I got to go to Rubi`s baptism! It was so special! 2 sisters in our branch helped out a ton. One traveled with me an hour and half to go to Tamboril and then back again and the other went out with my comp teaching lessons for 6 hours. They are so sweet. I`m so glad I got to go. It was such a great experience to see Ruben baptize his own daughter. I got to see a lot of people too at the baptism! It was great! I understand now why we can`t visit our old areas though. I admit I felt kinda sad leaving Tamboril and all the people I love there. But it`s time to move on and love the people in Villa Gonzalez. I took a little money out of my card to travel to the baptism. I had another super awesome experience this week too! On Fridays we go to a part of our area pretty far away so we just stay out there the whole day. The problem is when the people aren`t home, there`s no one to teach. Haha. Well this week no one was home so we decided to go contacting. We starting walking a couple streets hoping for inspiration and both felt like we should contact this one house. It was pretty rich which usually means harder, but we decided to go. We knocked on the door, and a lady answered. We greeted her and then she said come in come in, sit down! very excitedly. We had no idea what was going on. She began to explain that she used to live in Monte Cristi and was taking the missionary discussions for 2 years! She was also going to church there. But then she moved here, and she couldn`t find the church. She`s been asking people, but no one knew where it was. So when we showed up, she was thrilled! She calls us her 2 angels, because God sent us to her. She came to church this Sunday and wants to be baptized so we`ll see how it goes! It was definitely a miracle that we found her! I hope she continues to progress! Anyways as you can also see, I got my scripture cases today! They look pretty good! I`m glad to have them! So I got a new comp today! Her name is Hermana Pierre. She is from Haiti! She was leaving Tamboril when I got there so she knows all the same people as me! It`s pretty cool! She`s really nice. Can you send me a couple easy dessert recipes? Ones with not too many ingredients is what I mean. One for chocolate chip cookies and then maybe no bakes or something? Thanks! Well that`s about all that`s happened this week. For skype let`s do 6 pm my time so 5 pm your time? I`ll keep trying with google hangout. If you get a request from an unknown person, it`s probably because I`m using someone else`s username. But if i don`t figure it out, we`ll just have to use skype. That`s so awesome that Chelsea is pregnant!! I am so happy for her!! And for Megan Dahl too! Sorry I don`t have much time to write this week. But I`ll talk to you on Sunday!! Happy Mother`s Day Mom!!!
Hermana Woolf

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