Friday, January 31, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - Week 23
Hey! Thanks for your letters this week!! Sounds like things are great! I wish I could have been there to see the musical! I love the Sound of Music! That´s so cool that you won the gypsy robe Jamie!! It must be an honor! The cabinets look great! I´m sure even better in person. I heard about that movie about the missionaries. I really want to see it. But it´s probably good that I don´t see it while I´m in the mission field. Haha. I got the package!! It´s staring me down. I can´t wait to open it!! Thank you so much!! We were supposed to have PDay in Santiago today, which means we can go anywhere in Santiago for the day. It´s only once every 6 weeks. Well today for some reason there wasn´t any transportation so we got permission to have it next week. So I´ll get to do some fun things the day after my birthday! That´s awesome that Spencer Webb is going out. He´ll be a great missionary. So the other money for my tithing is from CIMA and I had a little to pay from the past but was in school so I paid when I got back. I don´t remember how much though. Thanks for doing my taxes! :) You guys never got my letters? Maureah told me she got theirs? Maybe it´s still coming? Our zone and district haven´t split yet. Probably on the 12th for transfers. But I´ve heard we will just be the 4 of us in Tamboril... So this week has been great. Lots and lots of service. I´m not kidding. Each week we´re supposed to do 3 hours. Last week we did 10 1/2 hours! Helping our investigators/members clean their houses, cleaning the chapel, and like half of it was me teaching English. Haha. Everyone seems to have English homework and need help. We did some service on Monday too pretty much all day long. We helped clean a family in our branch´s new house that they´re moving into. It was a huge job. When people move out here, they don´t clean. They just leave it. lol. But it´s been good. Katherine is getting baptized on Saturday!!! I´m soooo excited!! She´s great. So she lives with her Dad, but pretty far away, so her dad drops her off in Tamboril so we can teach her. So we´ve never had the opportunity to teach him. We´re going to try though. But we´re teaching her sister Karina and she is progressing very fast. She just needs to attend church 9 times to be baptized. Maybe the end of March? The Nuñez family is good. We´re really focusing on Yeison (pronounced like Jason) and Wanda. Yeison doesn´t want to get married until he´s strong in the gospel, but we are slowly helping him to progress. Wanda says she´ll plan the whole wedding if he´ll just prepare for it. Haha. But they are going to put a goal this week for a date to be married. Then Wanda can be baptized. So Rubi will be baptized the following Saturday! We´re really hoping that her dad Ruben can baptize her but he still has to have an interview with our new branch president. But Ruben has come so far. It´s hard to believe he ever was inactive. He is great. He was called to be a ward missionary and he helps us so much. We are teaching this family Rafael and Andrea and they are progressing very fast. He came with us the last visit when we taught about the Book of Mormon and how we can recieve an answer through the Spirit that it´s true. Andrea has lots of doubts so asks lots of questions. Well she turned to Ruben (he´s friends with this couple) and asked, do you know this book is true just because you read it, or did you really pray to find out? His answer was perfect. He said "I still have never read the whole thing all the way through, but I have prayed. I prayed so much and I received an answer. It was a feeling of happiness and I knew it was true." It was so sincere and she believed everything he said. We have our next appointment with them tonight. We also have been doing FHE with Ruben and Esther and their family to help them start a habit and teach their children. We planned and did the first one and this week Ruben planned it all. He studied the Liahona and shared a great message about service. It´s so great to see the progress of people. So I want to buy some scripture cases because it rains a lot and they get bent sometimes. Anyways... I want to buy some but there is a guy here that makes specialized ones with whatever you want. It´s like somewhere between 50 and 100 dollars though so I´m going to take it out from my card, but can you track it somewhere on your calendar Mom and I´ll pay you back when I get home? It will be a great souvenir! :) Anyways, everything is great! Loving life! I love you all so much!!!! Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf

PS I had interviews with the mission president this week and he said I¨ll probably stay in Tamboril at least for another transfer. I´ll let you know what happens though. 


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