Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - Week 24

Hey Fam!! Wow I got a TON of emails this week! Thanks for all wishing me a happy birthday! I´ll have to respond to everyone next week. So this has been a fantastic week so prepare for a long email! Lol. So on Saturday we had Katherine´s baptism! It was so amazing. She was really nervous but was so happy. Her Dad came! He was sitting in his car outside the chapel when we were going to start, so my companion and I went out there and told him to come in. He was really embarrassed because he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and everyone else was in church clothes. I told him we weren´t starting without him though and he gave in. Haha. It was so great for Katherine to have him there. Her neighbor came too! The members have all been so welcoming to her. The relief society president got her a skirt because she didn´t own one. We invited Viviana to be baptized on Feb 14 this week. I don´t think she will that soon, but at least she is starting to prepare. She came to church on Sunday on her own which was great! Wanda came too and she even bore her testimony!!! I was so happy! On Sunday we had quite the adventure. We had received a reference a few weeks ago and went to contact her. Well she had told us that she lived in Canca in front of the gas station. So we walked to Canca which is pretty far, a good 30 min walk, and called her. She said ok now you need to walk about a mile or so to this street. So we started walking. It was definitely more than a mile. We got to the street and then she said we need to go on this street until we got to her house.  I´m not kidding. We climbed a mountain. Completely straight up. We walked for almost 2 hours to get to her house! Then we had the lesson and walked 2 hours back. We pretty much have to give our entire day to her when we visit her. We got some sweet pictures though!! So my birthday was AMAZING!! First I opened your package. You guys know me so well! You put everything I would have asked for in it! I love the 2 shirts! And I love that they fit me being 2 sizes smaller than when I left. lol. I needed another tank top and pens and a photo album so that was perfect! I love giving toys to kids so I´m so excited about that! And chocolate of course I love that! We put up the banner and balloons which made it really feel like my birthday. And the little puzzle was so cute! :) And thanks for sending the testimonies from the fam. That was really special to read and brought back memories from my own experiences. And thanks for the letters too! You are so sweet! I loved everything! I also got letters from Ryan, Melissa, and Jaden! And candy from the mission president´s wife! So after I opened my package, my companion made me breakfast- platanos, salami, and eggs. It´s crazy but that´s what I crave now. Haha. She also gave me some m&ms. Then we had our personal and companionship study and she decorated the house with balloons. Then we made an awesome cake to celebrate with Rubi and then I was really tired and took a nap. Haha. While I was sleeping my companion put a trail of packages of oreos from our room to the living room with cute notes on each one (in english! she worked hard) and they led to a pan of brownies! It was so cute! Then we went to the church to celebrate with the elders and eat the brownies. The elders got me my fav soda, a package of oreos, 2 packages of m&ms, snickers, and skittles! Man I´m gonna have to eat all this stuff over the course of a long time to not gain weight. lol. But we had fun and then we went to Rubi´s house and she had all her little friends there and we ate cake. Then we went out proselyting and afterward went to eat pizza! (thanks Dad! I took the money out of my card. It was like 10 bucks). But it was an awesome day! Everyone spoiled me way too much! I feel super old now though. lol. Today we had another great day! We went to Santiago to their monument and got to go to the top to see the whole city. It was so cool! Then we went to Calle De Sol where you can buy lots of tourist stuff. You really have to bargain with them. But I got a huge DR flag, DR dominoes, and DR playing cards all for like 12 dollars! It was a great deal! (I took the money off my card. Mom can you just keep a list of my purchases and I´ll pay you back for everything when I get home. That way I don´t have to tell you everytime I spend money. Thanks!). Then we went to PriceSmart and ate lunch and talked with other missionaries. It was a great day! Anyways, that was my week! Very eventful and fun! Thanks Mom for Brandon´s address! I need to write him. So on most pdays we just play sports with our zone or hang out with the elders in Tamboril. Nothing too exciting. Haha. So I think Ruben will be able to baptize Rubi on Saturday, but not sure yet. Rubi had her interview yesterday and I think Ruben will have his today? So I´ll let you know if he does or not. Wow Maureah got in an accident!? 6 cars!? That´s crazy! I´m glad she´s alright! Let me know what you do with Melissa and Jaden this week! That will be so fun to be with them! That´s crazy Brock is coming home! It feels like it went really fast! I actually saw the score of the superbowl in like the third quarter on Monday. I knew the seahawks would win when they were up by like 35 points. Haha. That´s great that Jamie made the one act!! Wish I could be there to see it! That´s great that you guys are all eating healthy! My comp and I are putting goals too to eat heathier. It´s hard here but we can shop in Santiago to get fruits and vegetables. And sounds like a great new challenge to do family history work! Maybe you could send me a story in your email next week. Thanks for all your love and support. I can feel it from very far away! I love you all so much!!! Talk to you next week! 

Hermana Woolf


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