Monday, February 17, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - Week 25

Hey everyone! Happy Valentine´s Day! Okay I wrote myself like 3 notes to make sure I made valentines and sent them to you guys, but I literally have no time! Not even on pdays. We´re always out doing something. :( But I´m going to try my very hardest to do them this week and send them even though they´ll be really late. You send me so many letters and packages and I barely send anything. I promise to try harder! So... we had transfers today. How did you know that Mom? Haha. I´m....... drumroll please......staying in Tamboril again. lol. I´ll have 6 months here after this transfer! I love it here but I am ready for a change. I hope I get sent somewhere new in March. But we have a few baptisms planned for March before I leave that I really want to be here for. We are teaching this family- Rafael, Andrea, and their 2 kids. They have SOOOO many questions. Like a ridculous amount. But they just want to know more and it shows me they´re really interested. They live pretty far away so we have to dedicate like 2 hours for them, but it´s worth it. They are progressing really fast, but they haven´t come to church yet. Rafael is ready to start attending, but doesn´t want to go without Andrea. Andrea has a lot of doubts and is scared because her Mom is really Catholic and wants her to stay in their religion so she doesn´t want to offend her mom. It´s kind of a hard situation. But we are going to work really hard with them. I really want to be here for their baptisms. We set their date for March 22. We are also teaching a guy named Oliver. He is a son of a family in our branch. He has been living with his mom somewhere else and just moved in with his dad to work in his business so we started to teach him. He´s been taught by the missionaries before and has a lot of knowledge about the gospel because of his family. He told us this week that he has a testimony and wants to be baptized so we´ve set his date for March 15. With the Nuñez family... well I don´t think Viviana will be baptized this week, but she´s making progress. We´ve decided to put the same goal for their whole family. April 5. It´s been really hard with Jason and Wanda. Wanda is completely ready to be married and baptized, but Jason doesn´t want to get married. We were reading his past history with other missionaries and he´s had this same problem for 4 years. But... we are seeing changes in him so we hope he will change his mind. He´s been attending church just about every week since we started teaching them and he´s starting to read his Book of Mormon. There are some things in the mission that are really hard that you don´t even think about before you leave. I thought my challenges would be people not accepting the gospel, the weather, etc. I did not think about situations like these where someone that wants to get baptized, can´t because their partner doesn´t want to get married. It´s so hard. All we can do is pray for them. But anyways all of them will have the same date and hopefully that will help them help each other. We´ve started teaching this woman Sudeyvid. She is like Katherine. She learns super fast and reads everything we ask her to. She has prayed and has a testimony of the church already. But... always a but. But she can´t attend church because of her job. She is looking for a new one though so we´re hoping in the future she can come. This week we had plans to visit a family we´re teaching with a couple in our branch, but they weren´t home. So we were trying to figure out who to visit and the brother thought of an inactive that we could try. She moved to the capitol several years ago and just moved back here last year. Well we went and had an awesome lesson and she has a desire to come back to church. She came on Sunday! The Spirit really can direct us in our paths. What a difference it is when God has prepared someone for us. We continue to have lots of investigators and inactives in church. God is really blessing us. So Rubi couldn´t be baptized last week. She had an interview with our branch president and he decided she wasn´t ready. She didn´t know the name of the prophet. So we are going to start teaching her the lessons in really simple terms and hopefully she can be baptized soon. Anyways, sounds like you had a great time with Melissa and Jaden!! So exciting their big news!! It will be so fun to come home and see a new neice or nephew! Well thanks for all your letters and love! I love you all so much!! Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf

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