Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - Week 27
Hey Fam! Wow I only have 1 year left as of yesterday! I´ll be back in 364 days! Haha. Okay that´s a lot of time, but it feels like I just got here! Pretty sure I only have 4 weeks left here in Tamboril. It´s pretty set that I´ll be leaving this next transfer. It´s kinda sad to think about. I really love the people here. But I´m also ready for a change. And the last transfer of my mission I can go back to visit all my areas I was in. There are definitely some people I will never forget here. So first, yes that is a dead frog on my stick. Haha. I had to take a picture (it was not easy to get the stick in his mouth). I´m glad you finally got my letters! Wow that took forever. I´m going to have to start sending letters 2 months before I actually want them to arrive. Okay is anyone going to tell me what track Jamie got?? Fall and what? That will be fun to room with Rachel. That´s so fun that you´ll be visiting Scott and Maureah! What are you going to do? How long is spring break? Wow the laurels are singing Jamie´s song!? What an honor! That will be so special. Ok so I just said I have 4 more hours to teach on Sundays because we´re not going to teach the woman that lives an hour and a half away anymore. We were using 4 hours of our Sundays to visit her. I haven´t bought my scripture cases yet. I´m trying to get a good deal. There are 2 guys that sell them and 1 is much cheaper, but his work isn´t as good. But the other guy is trying to rip me off. My zone leader (latin) bought his for 2000 pesos with pictures on both sides of the cases and a case for his hymn book. And the guy is asking 2700 pesos for mine with only 1 pic on each side and the hymn book case. I´m gonna have to find a latino to buy them for me to get the price I want. I can´t wait to hear about Melissa´s ultrasound! Don´t forget to tell me! Haha. I still get some mosquito bites. It´s impossible to not get any. But it´s during the day. Everyone tells me that the repellent doesn´t work and I should use vanilla? This random lady came up to me one day and rubbed a bunch of vanilla all over my legs and said I wouldn´t get anymore. Haha. I´ll have to try it. What foods am I missing?... haha too many to mention. We literally only eat yuca, platanos, salami, rice, and beans. Nothing else. Ok pizza sometimes if we go out. But I miss the good pizza. lol. Sometimes I just crave Texas Roadhouse. But mostly just eating different things each day. I don´t know how they do it. It´s not really possible to eat healthy here... First of all, the members/investigators ALWAYS feed us. If you could only see the size of portions we get. Man, I leave feeling like I´m gonna throw up. Also, the only place to buy the fruits and vegetables you want is in Santiago. And we can only go to Santiago when we have zone meetings, once a month. I can buy bananas and apples though in my supermarket. That´s about it. Really the only way I´ll continue to lose weight is eating less and walking and doing exercise in the morning. I think I´m going to buy a scale if I get a chance. There´s no way I can check how I´m doing. But no you don´t need to put money into my account to buy healthy food. We can´t anyway. The only way I´ll be able to go to the temple again during my mission is if one of my families goes to be sealed and invites me. For example, Ruben and Esther have a goal to go November 9 (1 year exactly from Esther´s baptism) so if everything goes as planned, I can go with them. Every member has a cell phone, but like 3 maybe have a car. Everyone here uses motorcycles. Almost every member has one. What have I enjoyed most about my mission so far... wow that´s a really hard question. I love it all. But I guess the feeling when one of your investigators is baptized. I´ve never felt that kind of joy before. Still don´t know when Rubi will be baptized. I need to talk with our branch president. We´ve been teaching her the lessons though and she learns really quick. So we had a really awesome experience this week!! Okay so Esther´s cousin Francisco moved to Tamboril a couple weeks ago. She invited him to church and he came. So we got the reference and visited him the next day. We taught only the first couple points of lesson 1, that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that the Gospel blesses our families. That´s it. Nothing about Joseph Smith, the church being restored, the Book of Mormon, nothing. We planned another lesson for the following week (this past Monday). Well he came to church again on Sunday. When we went to have our lesson, there wasn´t much time but we asked if he had read his pamphlet about the Restoration (no one ever reads). He said "yeah I´ve read it twice already and I´m going to start it again!" He also said he has prayed and knows it´s true and asked when he can be baptized! SOO cool! There really are people ready to accept the Gospel. We set a date for March 22! Things with Oliver are going pretty good. His baptism is March 15. We had a lesson yesterday with the elders and his whole family, and it wasn´t super good. He is really different when there are a lot of people, especially his dad. I don´t know why. His dad recognized this too and told us that we should just teach him alone to have more success. We agreed. But I think he will be ready. He´s reading his Book of Mormon, praying, and coming to church, everything we are asking him to do. He has this attitude like he´s too cool for everything which makes it hard to know what he´s really feeling. But I´ve known people like him before. It´s just a way to hide his feelings. And he has told us that he knows it´s true and wants to be baptized so we´re praying he will be ready. We had a FHE with a family in our branch this week and they invited over 10 inactives/investigators!! It was so awesome! We shared a message and everyone in the family shared their testimonies. It was great. So our English class is going well. We have like 6 regulars. We started last week to only speak in English so they can learn faster and we do little scenarios to help them practice. Last week was going to the movie theater. :) Tomorrow is the Independence Day of the DR! Our branch is having an activity to celebrate! We are going to play basketball and volleyball, watch movies, have a barbeque. It will be great! We have invited lots of people to come. Well that´s about it for this week. Haha. Okay that was a lot. But I love you all and see ya in a year!! :)

Hermana Woolf

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