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Top of FormWednesday, March 5, 2014 - Week 28

Hey! Wow okay tons of questions... I´ll start with those. But first: the first thing I want to hear about next week is the sex of the baby!! Okay... questions.. I haven´t met Brenna Hardin in person, but I know who she is. We talked in FB before I left. I think I saw her once in the mission home but we never talked. We email from an internet cafe. Just go in, use the time we want, pay, and leave. Really easy. Transfers are on March 26. I was like 90% positive I would be leaving this transfer, but now I´m not so sure. Almost always President sends missionaries somewhere new when they have 6 months in an area, but all my leaders have been telling me that there won´t be many changes this transfer... They haven´t heard anything specifically about me, but they think I´ll be in Tamboril another transfer with Hermana Navas. :/ I seriously love it here and love my companion, but I am really ready for a change. We´ll see what happens. I have a lot of insiders that will inform me before the transfer comes. Haha. Um yeah I´m learning a little about Guatamala. Her family is all members but all converts. Her mom was working in New York when she was younger and got taught by the missionaries and then got baptized and later on after getting married, her husband got baptized. Hermana Navas was born into the church, but her brother-in-laws are converts. I still haven´t bought the scripture cases. I need to decide what to do first, and I only see the guys who sell them on pday Santiago every 6 weeks... but if I get transferred far away, maybe I should find a way to get them now. We´ll see. YES. You HAVE to eat what people give you here. They have nothing to give but food so if you don´t eat it, they are extremely offended. And you have to eat it all. Only maybe 2 times I have been able to serve myself, but it doesn´t even matter because if you don´t take a ton, they ask why not. Either way I have to eat a ton. I don´t know how I´m losing weight. It really is shocking to me. If you could only see the portion sizes here. When I first came, I couldn´t eat anything! Now I can eat it all. It´s so sad. But good thing we walk all day everyday. They don´t use chao a whole ton, just to say goodbye every once in a while. But they all say bye bye (b-bye) I think of you mom every time I say it. Haha. Okay I think that covers them all. So we had our Independence Day activity on Thursday! It was super fun! So many people came and lots of our investigators! We played volleyball, basketball, dominos, and had a barbeque. On Friday we celebrated my 6 months! We went out for pizza and my awesome comp bought me a donut with a note that said felices 6 meses! On Saturday we went to a members´ home that lives way up in the mountains and we climbed the mountain with them and could see the whole city! Santiago and La Vega. It was so cool! On Sunday no one came to church. Like no one. Not our investigators, not our inactives, not the members. Why? Because it was raining. Literally. That´s the reason. They don´t leave their houses when it´s raining. We really got work with them on that. The only people that showed up were people with cars. We found out why Rubi couldn´t be baptized before. It´s not because she didn´t know who the prophet is. It´s because she has been drinking coffee... I guess whenever she goes to her grandma´s house, her grandma offers her some. We taught her the word of wisdom though and she said she wouldn´t drink it anymore. She can be baptized on the 22nd with Francisco if she stops! Francisco is progressing so fast! He was so prepared for us! He is a for sure baptism. However... Oliver won´t be baptized this month. We finally had a lesson with him yesterday without his family (horrible I know, but it´s the only way he´ll talk) He really opened up and we talked for like an hour. He´s having problems with the word of wisdom. But he´s not addicted to alcohol, he just drinks it every once in a while. So he says it will be easy to stop. He really has a desire to be baptized and to stop drinking so I´m sure he´ll be baptized next month. For now, he just needs some time. We had a zone meeting on Monday and played a trivia game. I was the only girl on the team, so I was the one asked to recite the young women´s theme... I could not remember it!! Haha. 5 years... what happened to my good memory? I got until virtue, then I couldn´t remember the end. I did remember the song primary colors though...??? Haha. We lost, but it was fun! Then we had exchanges. I went to the sister leaders´ area. They are in the city. I like the country so much more! Yesterday we had training all day long with President Douglas and his wife, and our zone and another zone. Pres. Douglas is really big about the Latinos learning English so each of them had to prepare a one min talk in English to present to all of us. You can really tell the ones that do their language study each day and those that don´t. It´s really good though. They will have so many more opportunities in the world, if they know English. I bought a scale the other day with my card. It was like $20 but it´s really nice. It will be really good to have one during the mission. Do you happen to know my blood type? The mission needs to know in case there is an emergency and I have to go to the hospital. I´m pretty sure I´m A+ but I´m not 100% positive. Do you have any medical records from when I was sick? If not, I have to go get tested. :( Wow you guys had snow in March!? What is going on over there? It´s starting to get a little hotter here. I don´t even want to know what summer feels like. So Jamie asked for fall/spring? It´s too bad we won´t be together in the fall and winter, but it will be fun to be together in spring. Thanks for doing my tax return! That´s a great challenge for this month! I would say I´m pretty productive, but I´m sure there is some time I can be more productive. :) I´ll have to start thinking about my challenge. Well that´s about it. I think my letters are getting longer and longer... sorry. Haha. I love you all and miss you! Have fun at Scott and Maureah´s!

Hermana Woolf

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