Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wednesday, March 12 - Week 29

Wow! A baby boy! How exciting! I´m sure that will be so great for Jaden to have a little brother he can play with! Wow 5 grandsons/nephews!! When we start having reunions, they are gonna have a TON of fun! So... I happen to have a few insiders here in the mission. :) of course... you know me... Anyways, my companion´s old companion is in the same area as the assistants to the president now so she knows everything!! We talked to her the other day and she said that I will be leaving Tamboril! Well it´s not for sure for sure until Friday, but it´s pretty sure. She also thinks my comp will be training. And the next group of sisters are 5 Americans and 1 from Costa Rica. It´s very likely she´ll be training an American! But that is not super sure yet. We´ll find out this week. It´s hard not to think about it. I´m actually kinda sad now. Like I do want to leave just to see and experience different areas, but wow there are some people here I am REALLY gonna miss. It´s gonna be hard to leave. I´m kinda nervous about telling people and saying goodbye. I´ve been here for so long I think people think I´m never leaving. Haha. I´m also nervous. New companion, new area, new people. It will definitely be a change. We´re making tshirts as a district this week! It´s only the 4 of us in Tamboril so we´re really close! Things with Francisco are great!! We still have a lot to teach him before next week, but he´s so ready. He was having a few doubts about a week ago only because it´s all really fast. But he prayed and knows this is the right time to baptized so he doesn´t have any more doubts! He´s awesome! Rubi hasn´t been drinking coffee so she should be able to get baptized with Francisco! I hope so! I really want to be here for her baptism! Ruben got called as the Young Men´s President!! He is doing so great!! He´s been at the church practically all week with meetings and going around visiting YM. This will really help him stay active in the church! Wow you won´t believe this! We had 16 people in church on Sunday!! 4 investigators and 12 inactives!!! It was a miracle! The chapel was so full! We are working really hard with the inactives! We´ve rescued? (i don´t know what word to use. That´s the word they use here. lol) a family already. Nieves and her three neices and nephews. We are still working with the parents of these teenagers. They have a desire, but they need to put God before worldly things. It´s amazing the difference when people have been prepared by God. All they need is an invitation and they come back. Others it feels like we´re trying to force them to have a desire. This week will be awesome! Saturday and Sunday we have stake conference and Elder Zivic of the seventy is coming! Then on Wednesday we´ll have the whole day with him as missionaries. I´m really excited! So yeah pday will be on Tuesday next week. Well at least for the missionaries in Santiago. Wow sounds like you guys had a great time with Scott and Maureah and did lots of fun things! Yeah their run is exactly like festival of colors! How cute that Jamie saved that turtle! :) And that´s great Maureah got a new job! So are Christina and Rob gonna continue looking for a new house? That´s too bad they didn´t get the one they wanted. :(  Wow a moviehouse on 2499?? I´m sure that will take away lots of customers from Grapevine and Highland Village. That will be nice though to have one closer to home. I can´t wait to see the 9th grade campus! I´m sure it will be super nice! That´s so great that the missionaries have a baptism!! It must be hard in our area. Not much success. Well I hope all is well. I love and miss you all soooo much!! Keep me updated on everything!! Until next week.

Hermana Woolf

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