Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - Week 31

Hey Fam! First of all..... I got transferred! I`m in Villa Gonzalez now. It`s only like 40 min from where I was, but it`s something new.I`m with Hermana Martinez, a Dominican. She only has 3 transfers left in her mission. She`s really sweet. Okay backtracking now. The zone conference with Elder Zivic was awesome! We heard from him, Pres and Sister Douglas, and the assistants. Francisco couldn`t come back from Cotui last week to be baptized. :( His Dad was losing his land (all he has) so Francisco had to stay and help him. Rubi wasn`t baptized either. We decided she needed more time without drinking coffee to make sure she wouldn`t continue. But she`s gone about 2 weeks now without any! I`m gonna see if I can get permission to go back to see her baptism. We got a call on Thursday saying that Hermana Navas was going to train so that`s when we knew for sure about transfers! We had to go to Santiago the next day for her to have a training meeting. I went out on splits with another sister during it. Ruben is doing awesome as the YM President! We went out with him on Friday to visit a bunch of young men that are inactive. There is one that really wants to come back to church and has been coming the last couple weeks. He gave the closing prayer in church on Sunday! :) Saturday we went to Santiago to have lunch with our branch president. He bought us pizza. :) And we got to watch Ephraim`s Rescue! Remember that movie? That night the Elders had a baptism, but there was no water in the church! So we all went in taxi to Santiago to have it in a different church. It was super special. A mom and 2 of her sons. Yesterday was when I found out about where and who I would be with for transfers in our zone meeting. Then we went out to eat with the elders in Tamboril.. the last time all together. :( We got a call while we were eating saying that Francisco came back only for a couple hours and wanted to say goodbye to me! So we hurried back to Tamboril and got to see him. He said he`s going to stay in Cotui and study so we have to pass him along to the missionaries there. After that we went to visit Katherine. It was hard to say goodbye. Bascially the whole day yesterday was really hard. I hate goodbyes. Last night we went to President Rodriguez`s house and Ruben and Esther and their kids, Emilio, Ricardo, and the Elders all went to say goodbye to me. We ate my favorite, spaghetti and fried platanos and played signs! Who knew they knew that game!!?? Then all of them began talking about me and how they`re going to miss me, etc. It was so sweet. Ruben started crying! He said he was so thankful for me and that I helped his family come to the church. I hope they stay strong! They all mean so much to me! Emilio says he works in Villa Gonzalez so maybe I`ll see him! But yeah that`s about it. Crazy crazy week. So I`ve tried doing what Scott said with the food. They still take offense and serve you the same amount. I`ve just learned to eat it. I haven`t seen any tarantulas thank goodness! The house I was in didn`t have any bugs at all. Thanks for sending the shoes! I`m sure I`ll be able to last my whole mission with both pairs. Bueno... I haven`t thought about the monthly challenge yet... I`ll have to tell you next week. That`s great that the one act advanced! Wish I could be there to watch all of them with you! Well I hope everything is great! Pray for me this week! New comp, new area, new people. It`s gonna be a long week. Haha. But it will be good. I love you all so much!!
Hermana Woolf

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