Friday, April 4, 2014

Wednesday, April 2 - Week 32

Hey Fam! How`s it going?? Okay so this month`s challenge is to share your testimony. First, to learn how to say it in Spanish, and send it to me in an email. And second, to share it in English to a nonmember. (I couldn`t decide between 2 that I wanted to do so I combined them.) :) I learned how to bear my testimony in 1 day in the CCM. I`m sure you can do it in a month. :) It doesn`t have to be super long, but you can`t cheat with the internet! So my new area is great! It`s a lot like Tamboril just a little less country. But we`re literally right next to the mountains! I love it! This area is super huge. But it`s all flat so we don`t get tired. In Tamboril it`s all hills. So here even though we walk a lot, it`s not hard. My house... well it`s not the greatest. But we have all the essentials, electricity, water, etc. I just got super lucky in my other area because our house was HUGE and super nice. But it`s fine. It`s just to sleep right? The members here have been so welcoming! I already feel comfortable here. The branch is really tiny though. I feel like there is a lot of work to do here. My companion is really nice. She only has 2 transfers left after this and this is only her second area! She was in her first area for 11 months! Anyways, I think she`ll be leaving after this transfer. So I gotta learn the area super quick! Haha. She organizes the days so well. Every day we have a specific part of the area to go to and only teach in that part. It`s SO much better. In Tamboril we had to walk a ton between lessions because we didn`t plan well. We were having like 4 lessions a day. Here we have like 7 a day!! What a difference! I feel like I`m using my time so much better. So... question. Did Easter already happen?? I have no idea when it is. That would be sad if I missed it. Maybe it`s this weekend. Speaking of holidays, you totally got me Mom with the prank! You should have seen my reaction! Mouth open and everything! I forgot about April Fools Day. Hahaha. That would have been horrible. Sounds like you did some good pranks Mom! What were their reactions?? Wow you guys are replacing the base boards!! You`re just fixin the house up super well!! Wow I can`t believe we`ve been in this house for almost 20 years. It`s been a great place to live! So I didn`t get to see the Women`s Conference. :( I hope I can at least read it. We all went to the church to watch it on Saturday, but it was so slow because so many people were on the site that we didn`t get to see any of it. I don`t know how it will work this weekend. The branch president says we`re going to watch it in our chapel and a technician from the stake is going to come to help us. But that means he has to experiment on the first session in Saturday. If it doesn`t work we`ll have to go to the stake center to watch it. I hope it works! Did I tell you the church is literally our next door neighbor?? It`s on the same street as our house. I love it! We`ve been inviting EVERYONE to come to conference. We testify of living day prophets every day. This is the best way to know if what we`re teaching is true or not, to see the prophet for yourself. I hope some people come. We had our first zone meeting on Monday. It`s literally all latins. Haha. Just me and one other sister that speak English. It`s good though. I`m learning Spanish much faster. lol. We have plans this transfer to go as a zone to a cave, and a waterfall. I`m super excited! Thank you SOOOOO much for the shoes!!! Wow I can`t believe how fast you got them to me!! I`m sure you didn`t know this, but you got a smaller size (not sure if it`s a size smaller or just not Wide) but they are perfect!! It must have been inspiration. My other shoes were a little big and these new ones fit me so perfect! And thanks for the pens and snacks and letters! It was so fun to open! Now you really can`t send any more packages for the rest of my mission! Anyways.. I think that`s about it. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful Conference weekend!!

Hermana Woolf

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