Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wednesday, April 23 - Week 35

Hey Fam! Wow I`ve already received 3 testimonies from Scott, Maureah, and Christina!! Great job! I loved reading them!! And Christina and Rob have shared their testimonies with their neighbors! I`m so happy everyone is doing missionary work this month! :) I don`t have much time this week to write mine, so I`ll send it next week (the last day of the month) Haha. But don`t worry. I`ve been sharing my testimony every day. :) Well this was an interesting week. With it being Semana Santa last week, NO ONE was in their homes. Literally no one. They all go on vacation during this time. So we did a lot of walking... Also everyone drinks, a lot, during this week. It`s kinda sad. No one really knew why they were even celebrating. Church was also very empty. But it was good cuz I had to give a talk! Haha. No jk. Well we don`t have too many progressing right now, but there are a few with potential. There is a woman named Anavel. I`m still unsure if she`ll progress or not, but she wants to come to church so we are going to go with her this sunday so she feels comfortable her first day. Also a lady named Araselis. We had a lesson with her yesterday that was really good. We read from 3 Nephi 11 when Christ came to the Americas and invited the people to come touch the marks in his hands and feet. The spirit was super strong. We`ve been teaching her for a while and she hasn`t come to church but she realizes that she needs to go and make time for it. I hope she progresses. We really are helping a few inactives here. They are starting to come back to the church which is great! Hopefully we find more and more people like them. This week we have had SOOOOO much rain!! The streets have been flooded. The canal overflowed today! But it`s been kinda fun. Walking in the rain and mud. Haha. For me it`s better than the hot hot sun. There are a lot of places in this country that don`t have electricity 24 hours a day which makes it hard to teach lessons at night. Lol. But it`s an interesting experience. I got letters from Suzie and Kendall Semones this week! And a girl named Lauren Lively? I`m not sure who that is, but it was a sweet letter. They wrote them in youth conference. I love hearing from people. So today was so crazy! We had missionaries from our zone and another zone come to our area to go to a cave. I had no idea how far away it was so I wore my vans. We climbed a mountain for 4 hours to get there!! Oh my gosh it was horrible. And the guy who was guiding us forgot where it was so we walked way more than we needed to. Here, there are no nice paved paths to walk. It`s all rocks and sticks. My feet are hurtin` now! But we finally got there and it was a like an underground cave. It went down for 30 feet! Only a few went it cuz it was pretty dangerous. But there was also another cave close by that we got to go in that was pretty cool. I am so tired though. Haha. I`ve never gone on a hike that difficult before. I`m gonna sleep good tonight. :) But that`s about it for this week... Sounds like you all had a great Easter! That is so sweet that you made Easter baskets for the missionaries! I`m sure that made their day! I still haven`t heard anything about Rubi. I know she was supposed to have her interview on Sunday but Hermana Navas said she would call me when she knows when it`s going to be and she hasn`t called yet. We`ll see what happens. Mom don`t worry about my mosquito bites! Haha. I really haven`t gotten that much. The dark spots are from bites I got at the beginning of my mission. And I already got hydrocortisone cream that I`m using and it`s working well. But a lady in our branch is going to get me some cream that are specifically for marks or scars. So don`t worry about sending any! Wow sounds like Jamie had a great yes day! The nickel drive sounds really fun! And wow a visit to Ryan and Melissa! That`s awesome! I`d love to see her senior pics when you get them! I can`t wait to talk to you guys! I hope it works out to skype. I still have to figure out how or where. I think the office might allow missionaries to do it from there. Plus it will be the week of transfers to I might be with a different companion then. I`ll let you know when I have more info. But I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Woolf

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