Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - Week 33
Hey fam! What a relief! I thought I had missed Easter! Haha. Not that I`ll be celebrating with Easter eggs. But at least I can think of Christ more that day. General Conference was great! I didn`t get to see the first session. :( We went to watch in our church building and there were problems with the internet. The second session on Saturday we got to watch, but the internet was so slow there were pauses every 30 seconds so it was a little hard to focus. Haha. But Sunday was much better. A technician from the stake came to fix the problem so it was up and running perfectly on Sunday. A member brought their laptop for me so I could watch in English. :)  I loved Pres. Monson`s talk about loving others! Pres. Uchtdorf`s was super good too! . We had a couple investigators and inactives there on Sunday. On Saturday NO ONE watches. I couldn`t believe it. Only the branch president and his wife were there with us. Kinda sad. But this week has been good. I`m slowly starting to remember where everyone lives. Haha. There is a lot of work to do here. We only have 1 person that is progressing toward baptism. But we`ll see how it goes. But the one that is progressing is great! Her name is Ivelice. She met this guy Gabriel on the internet several months ago and he`s a member. Well he lives in Espana so he came here to meet her and they got married a couple weeks ago. So now she`s taking the lessons. She has a lot of potential. She`s been coming to church with him every week. She has a baptismal date for the end of this month. Gabriel has to go back to his country next week though for the rest of the year for his job. I hope she stays strong while he`s gone and continues to go to church. Her daughter is progressing super fast too. I really want them to be baptized together. But the problem is that Ivelice owns a colmado and the only way she can go to church is if she leaves her daughter to run the colmado... They are really poor and need the money so I`m not sure what to do. The ultimate solution is that she closes it on Sunday because it`s the Sabbath day, but for right now it`s not an option for her. We`ll see how it goes. We visit this family that lives next door to us. The mom Yuvi is inactive, but her 2 kids Any and Oscar got baptized like less than a year ago I think and are active. They are so awesome! Oscar tries soooo hard to say my name. Haha. Every time we go to their house he practices to himself. No matter how hard he tries though, it always comes out Hermana Golf. Hahaha. It`s so funny. They are great though. So we had our Pday Santiago today. I finally decided to buy the scripture cases. I tried super hard to work down the guy selling them and I think I got a pretty good deal. It`s 2700 pesos or like $65. I`m going to have a picture of the DR Temple on one of them, done in laser. And the other will have the DR flag. He`s also throwing in a cover for my hymnbook. I`m excited to get them. He`s going to bring them to me in 2 weeks so I`m gonna take out some money from my card to pay him then. So I asked Pres. Douglas if I could go to Tamboril to see Rubi`s baptism and he gave me permission, but only if a member goes with me and another member stays here with my companion to continue working that day. It doesn`t seem very possible. We`re lucky to have 1 lesson a week with a member. They don`t help us very much. I don`t know how I could find 2 to help us the whole day. But I`m gonna try. I really want to be there. I`m having a sister in our branch start to mend my clothes. There are a few shirts and skirts that I can`t use anymore. I`ve just brought 1 for now though to see how it turns out before I bring the rest. Hopefully it works out.

 Wow sounds like you guys have been busy with lots of activities! Sounds like lots of fun! Let me know how one act goes! I wish i could be there for that breakfast! haha. Oh I love the scarlet pimpernel! That will be so fun!

Thanks for sending pictures! I love them! Good luck with the challenge this month! I promise to participate too. Haha. I love you all!! Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf

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