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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 – Week 30

Hey fam! Not gonna lie, I totally forgot about St. Patrick´s Day. Haha. I didn´t wear green but neither did anyone else in this country. Lol. So it´s been quite a rough week. Francisco up and left Tamboril on Thursday without telling anyone. I guess there were problems in his family in Cotui so he had to go out there. We had no contact with him. Only Esther got ahold of him once and he told her that he didn´t know when he would come back- that he needed to stay there until everything was worked out... It´s been pretty emotional for me. Not knowing if he´ll come back for his baptism or not. We still have a few lessons to teach him before Saturday. We´ve been praying a lot to have a miracle. We called last night and he told us he would come back Wednesday! An answer to our prayers! Now we just have to finish the lessons and he can be baptized. But we still have to teach the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. If he has any problems with these commandments, he can´t be baptized. I´m really nervous, but I don´t think there´s any problems. The only thing I´m worried about is coffee. I really, really hope he doesn´t drink coffee. I´ll be praying a lot. Speaking of coffee, Rubi has been drinking coffee still. :( We went on Saturday to talk to her about it again. I don´t think she understood before. She said she had only drank a little bit, and we told her that she couldn´t drink it at all. "NEVER??" She said... Then we went and talked to her grandma who gives her the coffee to tell her that Rubi can´t drink it. She said she wouldn´t give it anymore. Anyways I don´t think Rubi can be baptized this week. :(  I´m not exactly sure what the time frame is to wait before someone can be baptized with problems with the WofW but I´ll ask our branch president. That´s been pretty hard for me. I really wanted to be here for that. But God has his time for everything. Anyways, enough with the sad stuff. We had stake conference this weekend with Elder Zivic! It was great! He´s from Argentina. President Douglas also spoke. For the Saturday session all the missionaries and young adults ages 12 to 18 were invited and the whole thing was on missionary work! I loved it! Hopefully it motivated the members to get more involved! Ruben received the Melckezidic Priesthood! We had a class on Sunday for people that want to find a new job. A lady from the stake came to help. I don´t know if I´ve told you about Sudeyvid but she´s one of our investigators that is super awesome. She has progressed so fast! She could be baptized tomorrow but hasn´t attended church because of her job. She´s the only one that works there and it´s every single day. She really wants to find a new job so it was great to have this class and that she could go. But she´s really gonna try to come to church this sunday. She´s trying to find someone to cover at her job for a the hours of church. We´ll see. Jason has had a big problem with smoking but is giving it up!! He is doing super good! Less and less every week. Last night we had an FHE with a ward in our branch- the family of Oliver. We talked about unity in the family which they really need. Also we had yuka balls! Haha. Yuka is like potatoes kinda of. So they boiled them, smashed them up like mashed potatoes, made balls and put cheese inside, and then fried them. lol. It was pretty good. My stomach can´t take all the grease though. Everything I mean everything is fried here. So I´m pretty sure I´m being transferred this week. Our insider, the sister in the same ward as the assistants, says I´m for sure leaving. But I am still so nervous. It´s not sure until the transfers happen. President Douglas can change things at the last minute. He told Elder Sotelo that he´s going to stay in Tamboril another transfer! He has the same time as me here! And he just finished training Elder Rodriguez so I don´t know why he´s staying. Anyways... I´ve started to tell people. Not everyone. Just the people I won´t see again before Wednesday. Some families in the branch are planning like a going away night for me on Tuesday. It should be fun... and sad... Hopefully I don´t find out after that I´m staying. Haha. How embarrassing (wow i cannot spell in English anymore). But we´ll see! We´ll see the assistants tomorrow so maybe I can get some more info from them. I bought a few things today with my card to give to some of the important people here in Tamboril. Add it to my bill. :) But yeah that´s been my week. Pretty action packed. Thanks for buying me new shoes! I should have tried out the shoes more before I left. The brown ones are too big and fall off my feet while I´m walking so I just use the black ones. So did you not get my email last week about the missionary medical? lol. I was hoping you guys would never find out about that. I didn´t know they sent you something. Yeah I was sick like a month ago and had to go to the hospital. It really wasn´t that bad. Just stomach pain from eating on the street. My own fault. Things are fine now. :) Sounds like a great topic you taught on Sunday Mom (the significance of the Sacrament). I teach that to all my inactives. We have like 12 sisters or so in RS. I´ll be sure to read about Grace in True to the Faith, Dad! I love that book. I´ve used it so many times in the mission. Well I love you all so much! Next week I might be writing from a new area!!!!! Have fun with the sister missionaries tonight! Give them a reference if you have one. :)
Hermana Woolf


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