Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - Week 26
Hey Fam! Wow seems like the weeks just get shorter and shorter! The time is flying. Next week I´ll have 6 months! Only 1 year left! So crazy. I got your valentine Mom! So sweet! Thank you! :) So we had a good week. 10 investigators/inactives in church! We´re having a lot of success. It´s really quite interesting. The people we think we come, don´t come, but people we didn´t expect to come, do! It just teaches us to have faith and work hard, even with the people we don´t think will progress. Many of the people we are teaching have problems that are keeping them from being baptized, which is hard. Sometimes it´s hard to recognize that you are making a difference when you can´t see the results. But we really are helping these people progress. Jason and Wanda are coming to church every week and are reading their scriptures and having family prayer, all of which they weren´t doing before we starting teaching them. Jason does not want to get married, but he is making progress. They haven´t set a date yet, but they want to wait to find out if Wanda´s dad, who is in prison, (really long story) can come or not. He was sentenced for 20 years, but they are going to reduce his time. If it´s reduced to like 1 year, they are going to wait to be married then, but if it´s like 5 years, they will get married soon. So we´ll find out later. Ricardo also doesn´t want to get married, but he´s been praying, and fasted, and has decided to get married in May! Still 3 months away, but at least he has a goal now! I´m really happy for him. On Sunday we went for the third time to Chafa´s house, the one that lives in the mountains, and she just isn´t progressing like we want, so we are going to give her some time. Thankfully we have 4 more hours in our Sundays now to teach more people. But we got to have some adventures on the way back from her house! This country is so beautiful! So we have a new zone now. It´s so small. :( But I´m still with a lot of my friends so that´s good. I talked with a guy about buying scripture cases today. There are two guys that sell them, so we tried to work down the one we were with. He´s asking for about $70 for two cases with pictures, and my names and a case for my hymn book. It´s a pretty good deal. The other guy will charge me like $50, but it´s not as good of quality. So I´ll think I´ll go with the more expensive one. So if you see a ton of money taken out of my account, that´s why. But yeah, not much new. Working hard and receiving miracles. That will be fun mom to be in a quilt block group. That´s something you´re really good at. Wow Dad sounds like you´re super busy with seminary! That´s great that you´re making breakfast for all of them! Thanks for the family history story mom! I loved reading it! She sounds like an awesome great grandma! Well I love you all! So good to hear from you! Talk to you next week!!

Hermana Woolf


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