Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - Week 21

Hey! How are things? Well it´s been a great week! Not much new to tell however. Haha. We´ve been finding a lot of new people to teach and are receiving lots of references. We found this new family to teach because we thought we were going to the house of a different reference who happens to have the same name as this man, but they accepted us into their home and loved our message and want to hear more. lol. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways. We had a ton of people in church again this week. 5 investigators and 1 inactive. It´s so great. Katherine only has a few weeks until her baptism and she´s coming every week to church and reading her scriptures and everything. She´s already ready. Ricardo is unwilling to get married at this time so we´ll have to change his baptismal date. It´s really sad. I don´t think there´s anything more I can do though. We just have to wait for him. We´ll be fasting with him this week to make a decision. So did you guys see in the Conference Liahona that Brother Riding and Brother Larson are in it? Haha. Totally surprised me! Anyways... every transfer we get different people in our district, but we have 12 now!! That is huge for a district. I think we´re going to make shirts together. lol. But I love my district. We played sports together today. Do you know that game Mafia? Where everyone closes their eyes and the narrator picks someone to be the mafia and then the mafia chooses someone ´to kill´ and then there´s a detective too that tries to figure out who the mafia is? Anyways we were playing that, and our zone leader was the narrator and he told us all to close our eyes, and then he sprayed us with the hose while we all weren´t looking! Hahaha. He tried to run away, but the other elders literally dragged him back and we completely drenched him with water. It was so funny. Anyways, I´m starting to think about when I´ll be leaving. It´s kinda scary to think about. It could be in February! It will probably be in March though. But I´m sure it will be hard to leave and start in a new place again. I love Tamboril. The Burkharts are moving? At least it´s just to Utah and not some crazy far away country. Melissa and Jaden are visiting soon? Just for fun? That´s great! I can´t believe Jaden is 6 now! I always get packages through my district leader. They have a meeting and get our mail and then bring it to our district meeting. So it doesn´t matter where I am, it will always get to me. Seriously though Mom, you don´t need to send anything for me! You just sent me a super huge package. I have everything I need. My health is good. I´m not sure if I´m still losing weight because I don´t have a scale, but I think I am. I´ll have to check the next time we go to PriceSmart. The sleeping is not great, but I´m going to talk to the President to see what I can do. I think I´ll just need to take naps in the afternoon. We´ll see what he says. Wow 97% VT? That´s awesome! Those women must have a fantastic RS President. :) Thanks for sending me that picture of my board! It looks awesome!! It´s cool to see that I´m almost done with 4 of the 13 letters in Called to Serve! I better send some more pics to update that board though. Haha. Next week I hope! I´m glad to hear things are a little better with work Dad. I wish things were better, but at least it´s not like the beginning. And don´t worry about the missionaries who got robbed. Haha. Maybe you shouldn´t read that blog... Seriously my area is super safe though. I love you all soooooo much!!! And miss you!! Until next week!

Hermana Woolf

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