Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday, January 8 - Week 20

Hey Fam! How´s it going? Things here are great! I love my new companion! She is like the sweetest person you could ever meet. And she works really hard which I love. Before we would have like 3 or 4 lessions in a day, but now we have 6. It is so much better. It´s hard to have change, but good too. I am learning new things from her. I have a lot more responsibility now. Since I´m the one who knows the area and the people, I have to take the initiative in everything. Making phone calls, conversation in lessions, starting the lessions, making sure we get to the right place. It´s been really good for me.  I´m realizing that I know more than I thought I did. And I can do things I didn´t think I could do. Hermana Navas knows quite a bit of English actually. She really wants to learn more so we switch off days speaking spanish and english. So we had a really great lession with Ricardo this week. He needs to get married before he can get baptized so we read The Family A Proclamation to the World with him and Carmen and invited the branch president and his wife to come with us. We each bore testimony of the importance of marriage and then I challenged them to be married on the 17th of this month, the day before his baptism. I asked him to say a prayer and ask if this was the right decision and pause after asking to recieve the answer. So we all got on our knees and his prayer was perfect. I felt the spirit so strong. I feel like he did too, but he´s still scared to get married so I´m hoping he continues to pray and makes the right decision. If not, we´ll have to move back his baptismal date again. But we are trying really hard with him. In church this week, we had 5 inactives and 1 investigator! It was so awesome! I don´t know how many times I´ve said this, but I just LOVE when that happens. When people make that decision for themselves. It was fast and testimony meeting so I bore my testimony. It was my first testimony in Spanish so I was a little nervous, but the Spirit was so strong in the meeting, I had to do it. So our district has 12 missionaries now!! It´s huge! Guraba got another 2 missionaries. Our district is so awesome though! I love it! We have a ton of fun! Oh so I took out some money on my card the other day. Is there anyway you can put my money onto the card? I feel bad. Or just keep track of what I spend and I´ll pay you back when I get home. We can´t use our apoyo money on personal things, so I need some money that I can use when I need to buy something. Everyone here has a notebook that they have other missionaries, investigators, and members write in and they can put pictures and stuff too. So that´s what I bought. I´m going to start mine this week. It will be something I treasure my whole life I think. Okay so seriously you don´t need to send me anything for my birthday! You´ve sent me way too much already!! I got your letter about going out with the missionaries mom! Sounds like it was a great experience! I can´t tell you how much of a difference it makes to have a member in the lession and bear testimony. Also so the person can have a friend and feel comfortable coming to church. Dad, I´m not sure how I can help you about your talk. Haha. But fasting has been a great thing for me as a missionary. We have had the opportunity to fast with one of our investigators and it was a wonderful experience. When you really think about the person or thing you are fasting for all day and pray multiple times, with a sincere heart, it makes a huge difference. I know we can see miracles through our faith. Well I love you all so much!!! Have a great week!!
Hermana Woolf

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