Friday, January 24, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - Week 22
Hey Fam! First off, congrats Jamie for making it into BYU-I!!! SO exciting!! I can`t wait to hear what track you get! Transfers will be Feb 12. Who knows what will happen. Probably nothing until the next one. So how is everything? Not much new this week. We`ve done a TON of service though. Yesterday we did 5 hours of service. Haha. It was a long day, but great. We have a new branch president in our branch. I`m a little sad. Pres Rodriguez was amazing! But we don`t have many men in our branch or at least not enough that pay tithing to be in all the leadership roles. So for now, we have a brother from the stake that will be our president. But it is only temporary. He`s really good, but it`s sad because I don`t think he can help the people as much as someone from our own branch. I think he`ll start to make things happen though. We also found out that our zone is splitting and also our district. I`m super sad. We have an awesome district but it`s huge- 12 people so I understand why they`re doing it. I`m guessing our new district will only be the 4 of us in Tamboril. It will be so different. So Ricardo wasn`t baptized, but we`re hoping he will make a decision sometime soon about marriage. But everything with Katherine is perfect!! She seriously is the perfect investigator. She`s going to be baptized next Saturday! I am so excited! This really feels like my first baptism. It`s such a different feeling when you actually start with the person. With Esther, I just came in after she had already been taught. But with Katherine, I was part of her change. I got to see her whole progression. I am so happy for her. I hope she serves a mission a year from now. She would be so great. So there is a family in our branch that means a lot to me- Familia Nuñez. The dad, and 3 of his sons are members. Emilio is one of his sons and is our mission leader. One of the other sons is on a mission and the other, Yeison, is inactive. They also have one other son, Welinson. The mom, Viviana, isn`t a member. Well we are working really hard with them. We are teaching Yeison and his partner Wanda. Wanda wants to be baptized, but Yeison doesn`t want to get married, so we`re trying to help them set a date to be married, even if it`s far in the future. We`ve started teaching Welinson and his partner, Anny and  they seem to be progressing quickly. And with Viviana, well it`s hard because she has like 20 or 30 years with her husband and hasn`t been baptized yet. But her son on a mission invited her to be baptized and she said yes...or maybe. I don`t know. It`s not easy with her. She doesn`t want to believe. But her husband told me to set a date for Feb 14- Valentine`s Day and their wedding anniversary because it`s a special day for them and hope she has a change of heart. ANYWAYS.. sorry long explanation, but pray for this family. They will find so much more happiness if all of their family are members. Okay so question. Which address has Christina been using that I`m not receiving her letters? The Elder in charge of mail will try to look into it. Sounds like that youth activity was great! I wish I had done that before my mission. You really just have no idea what it`s like until you do it. And you have so much fear until you do. That`s great that the Paventy`s had their baby! I`m sure he is adorable! And thanks for the pic of Jaden and his donut cake! haha. He looks SO old! I hope he doesn`t change too much while I`m gone. That`ll be fun to have him and Melissa visit! Well I miss you and love you so much! Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf


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