Friday, January 3, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 – Week 19

Hey Fam! Happy New Year!! What did you do for New Year´s Eve? I can´t believe it´s 2014 already. 2013 flew by! I still need to make my resolutions. Have you made yours? It was SO great to talk to you on Christmas! I´m sorry the Skype didn´t work very well. Maybe for Mother´s Day I´ll go to a different place to make sure it works. So I was so distracted by everything and talking to you guys, that I failed to thank you for my package! Seriously it was perfect!! I love the new skirt! Good pick! And it was so nice to have lights up and stockings for Christmas! I LOVE the calendar and 1st day of school book!! Plus the super cute puzzle, the conference talks, preach my gospel, recipes, talk by Pres. Hinkley, lipton onion soup mix, brownie mix, pens, makeup, stickers, pass along cards, razors, and letters. I just loved it all! You are so thoughtful and sent WAY too much! But thank you! I got the Christmas card. You didn´t need to include a separate picture of me! Haha. But it was great and I loved the message. Our family had a big year. I also got Christmas cards from Dave and Lynn and Bruce and Patsy. It was great! I´m glad you got my package. It wasn´t much, but I wanted to send something. Yeah I had to use my own photo book, but I´ll look for a new one. Sounds like everyone got great gifts for gift of the heart! What great ideas! So we had transfers today! I got a new companion. Her name is Hermana Navas from Guatemala. She is super super sweet. Always happy. And I´ve heard she´s a really hard worker so I´m excited what we´ll be able to do together. I´m the one who knows the area now so it´s a little intimidating, but it will be good for me. Hermana Monegro and I spent the last couple days going to say goodbye to people. She´s been here for 6 months so everyone really knows and loves her. We went to a lady´s house in our branch for New Year´s Eve last night. It was super fun! We went with the Elders and there were other families too. We had the celebration at 10 instead of 12 but it was still fun. lol. We had horns and those things that shoot confetti and dinner and cake. I stayed up until 12, but now I´m regretting it. Haha. But people here shoot off there guns at midnight. I didn´t know that... It scared me so bad. Like right at 12 you hear dozens of guns go off near your house. New traditions! haha. So the Elders had 2 baptisms on Saturday! One of them is super strong already. He´s already decided that he´s going to serve a mission in a year. It´s awesome. I learned how to make empanadas this week!! They are super unhealthy but so good. I´ll make them for you when I get home. Thanks for the article from President Uchtdorf Dad! Can´t wait to read it! Well we´ve been getting a lot of references recently so we have a lot of new investigators. We´ll see if any of them progress. We´re trying to focus on Ricardo since his baptism is coming up. We don´t think it will happen on the 18th because of the marriage issue, but we´re going to commit them to a date to be married so things will happen. I hope he can be baptized soon. He´s so ready. Anyways... I love you all soo much! It was so great to see you last week! Only 5 months til I see you again! Happy New Year!

Hermana Woolf


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