Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - Week 62

daughter, mother, grandmother...sister on right trained Sister Woolf and sister on left Sister Woolf is now training

Hey fam! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT AND MAUREAH!! Yay my first neice!!! I can´t wait to meet her! Wow so I just hit 14 months yesterday...... I CANNOT believe I only have 4 months left. It´s going too fast. Training is going.. good... It´s REALLY hard. But I´m hangin in there. It´s just very tiring because I basically do everything. My daughter is still really nervous and only says about 2 sentences in each lesson... which means A LOT of talking for me. But it´s good. I´m already seeing progress with her. Before I know it she´ll be teaching everything. Her mom is a member and her siblings, but the siblings are inactive. Her dad passed away a few years ago. She´s from Madrid. I´m sure you´re right. It must be hard to be a member in Europe. But besides that, things are good. We had stake conference this past weekend and Elder Cornish came. He gave a SUPER awesome talk. Well it wasn´t really a talk... he involved almost everyone in the congregation to help teach about missionary work. I´ll have to explain it to you more at the end of my mission. Emily and Johan are progressing super well for their baptisms! We are going over the lessons to prepare them for their interview and they knew EVERYTHING. I´m not even kidding. They are so ready. The Elders are going to baptize a girl that´s good friends with Emily the same day so that will be great! Our zone has changed a lot this transfer. We have so many Americans now and everyone is super cool! One of the sisters in our zone has been really sick this week and now she´s staying in the hospital. Our whole zone went and visited her today. Eva and her family are doing good. They still have lots of doubts so we´re just takin it slow with them. They still haven´t put a baptismal date yet so we´ll see what happens. This kid Oscar (our neighbor) that we visit, was sick the other day. He couldn’t eat his dinner and we showed up and he knew how much I love yuka and eggs (which was his dinner) so he gave it to me. Haha. Then he said, I´m gonna save my yuka and eggs every day for you cuz you love it so much! Haha. It was so cute. So thanks for sending all the pics! The boys look so cute! What is everyone doing for Halloween?? I want more pics next week! They don´t celebrate it here so I won´t be doing anything. Maybe I´ll buy a piece of chocolate though. Haha. And congrats mom on winning best pie! That´s so funny about Nene. Yeah he read me what you commented on his pic, mom so I could translate it for him. Lol. That was nice what he said. Yeah he´s my mission leader, that´s leaving on a mission. We´re gonna miss him a ton! Wow I´m so jealous Jamie got to see the piano guys! I would love to see them! Wow Dad I didn´t even know you had a wisdom tooth still! Haha. Why did you have to get it pulled after all these years? Don´t worry though. You´re still wise! Well I don´t have much time today, but I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf

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