Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - Week 58

Hey! Happy October and General Conference week! How is everyone? Are you breakin out the 24 hour kits for you and dad, Mom? Haha. It must be weird not having any of the kids around. But that´s great that Scott and Maureah could visit this weekend! That must have been so fun! Sounds like the fair was great! Things are good here. It´s still broiling hot! Seriously! It´s October! But hopefully it cools down soon. I got sunburned today!! But we´ve been getting lots of rain too. Like pouring down, drenched head to toe, rain. But I really prefer being wet to being hot. Haha. So I didn´t get to watch the womens conference... :( The electricity went out right when we were starting it so we didn´t get to see it. But it will come in the Liahona. One family is really progressing. They came to church again on Sunday. We taught them about the word of wisdom on Monday and they all have problems with coffee. :/ So I´m not sure they will be able to be baptized on the date we put. It all depends how fast they can give it up. They all seemed willing to try. But I´m sure it´s very difficult. In the lession I got an impression to promise them that if they gave it up, I would give up soda. (not that it compares at all in difficulty) But it´s something I´m really addicted to so now I have to keep a commitment as well. Haha. Oh man it´s gonna be hard. You have no idea how much people drink soda in this country. And it doesn´t help that it´s the cheapest thing you can buy. But I´m gonna do it. I´m sure it will help with the losing weight challenge too. :) We had exchanges this week with the sister leaders. One of my best friends in the mission is my sister leader now and I got to go out with her! It was sooo fun! It was my 3rd day in the mission being with an American companion. Feels good to speak English. Haha. But funny story. So we bought a cake mix cuz there was a super good deal going on and we were making it that night. Well I didn´t know that my companion had put something in the oven..... it was cooking and it kept smelling like it was burning but every time we checked it, it wasn´t even close to being done yet. Well when I finally took the cake out, Hna Farris screamed WHAT IS THAT!!!??? Then I screamed, thinking there was a rat or something inside, and looked and it was a fruit they have here that was completely black and dripping. Haha. It was soo funny. We had a great time. Another investigator is progressing so fast. It´s soo hard not knowing how to get him to church. This last Sunday he was going to try to walk down his super long street and then go in a bus, not knowing if he even can, but it was raining. He really wants to go. We´re praying to find a way to help him get there. But he´s friends with a guy in a branch so he´s going to go to his house this weekend to watch conference with him on his computer. At least he´ll be able to see that. I´m excited for Conference! Hopefully it works this time and I can watch it in English. If not, we might go to the stake center, but I really want to be here because we´ve invited the whole world to come and I wanna be here if they do. We had a meeting yesterday with all the leaders in the branch to tell them about our goals and help them understand their responsibility to help friendship. They committed to help us have 7 lessions a week with a member present so hopefully it works. We really need their support. I don´t think they understand why it´s necessary to be member missionaries. We had a multizone activity today! It was sooo awesome! All the missionaries in Santiago (more than 100) came. It was on an old abandoned air strip. They have basketball courts and volleyball courts and soccer fields. I got to see lots of my friends. It was fun. Oh and I bought a new skirt! They have like a thrift store here and ALL the skirts are long! It was a miracle! I found a really cute one. But that´s basically what´s been happening this week. That´s great that the lady you´re visiting is progressing and accepted a baptismal date! Sometimes I am super doubtful that people will change, and then miracles happen. Well, I love you all so much! Enjoy conference!
Hermana Woolf

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