Friday, September 26, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014 - Week 57

heyyyy. how is everyone?? sorry i'm writing a day late... there are WAY too many holidays in this country. haha. everyone was closed yesterday for some catholic holiday. but it's been a great week! we had the zone conference with Elder cornish on thursday. it was soooo good. he talked to us about how to have more success. he said that it all starts with our planning. if we aren't organized, we will have way less baptisms. and he also mentioned several tips to help us have more like work with the members, continue to find new people every day, find inactives, serve, etc. it really got us excited to work even harder. we've also had a lot of success with the people we're teaching this week! Eva's husband is starting to show lots of interest now! before it was just eva and her 2 daughters that participated in the lessions. but on saturday he came and joined in. he was going through a hard time recently and promised god that he would go to church if he helped him through this difficulty. well God did. and so he had to keep his part of the deal. so him, eva, and their daughters all came on sunday!!!! it was sooo awesome! i really have a lot of hope for this family.  i hope they get baptized soon. also, we've been visiting this guy. i don't know if i've told you about him yet... but his wife and kids live in the states. well he has been showing lots of interest. we invited him last week to church and he said he would come and we said we would save him a seat.. and jokingly we told  him that if he didn't come, we would take a pic of his empty seat to show him the next visit. well... he didn't come... so we took the pic with looking super sad. haha. we showed him it on thursday and he thought it was really funny. well he came on sunday! but there was someone already sitting next to us when he got there and he was like "you didn't save me a seat!" haha it was really funny. but he stayed the whole time and really liked it! Another man we’re teaching and his family couldn't come on sunday because his son was sick, but he told us he wanted the blessings of the góspel for his wife and son that aren't baptized yet and we told him if he starts coming back, he can be the one to baptize them, and we seemed happy about that. we've been visiting an inactive lady for a long time now and she has come twice to church, but it's hard to come alone so we're trying to work with her husband. well this week we really got him excited to come this sunday. he even went looking for his white shirt and was practicing with his tie! :) it was really cute. some people just need some encouragment and someone to get them excited again. i hope they come. Another man is really progressing as well. he read and studied and practically memorized his assignment to read 3 nephi 11. he explained the whole thing to us, and he accepted an invitation to be baptized! but... we still have the problem of getting him to church. there isn't anyone with a car. he's going to try to find a friend to help him though. we're hoping! but that's about it. super successful week! we're being blessed! my companion is finishing the mission in just a month so she can visit her old áreas. we're going to go to tamboril again in like 2 weeks! and everyone from her group that have been there are going with us... my mom hermana monegro, my step mom hemarna navas and Elder castro that was there with me for my first transfer. i'm excited! we were going to go yesterday, but the branch in tamboril had a trip planned to the temple. that's so exciting that Scott and Maureah are coming for a few days! that will be so fun to go to the state fair! have you guys been going to dallas summer musicals? well i love you all soooo much! have a wonderful week!

hermana woolf


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