Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - Week 56

Hey fam! How are you all? I'm glad everything went okay dropping off Jamie and she's already having a great time! (Jamie, email me, I have no time this week but I want to hear how's it's going!) This has been a really good week. We're working really hard with a few people right now and seeing progress. One man and his family came to church again this Sunday with his sons. He's almost active now! Which is super good because the branch needs more men with the priesthood. We're trying to help his wife though. She's come to church just one time so far, but we really want to help this family be together in the gospel. He has to divorce his old wife though and then marry his current one which costs a lot of money, but we're hoping for a miracle. We're also working with a couple that finally got a baptismal date set! We had them put it so they could feel comfortable and ready when it comes. They decided on Nov 22. I feel confident this time that it will happen. They seem much more excited now and have come to church like 12 times so they have a lot of knowledge already. We're also working with a woman and her family. They haven't come to church in a couple weeks for different reasons, but they have baptismal dates for the end of October. We're going to try to meet the goal, but I think it will have to be moved. I would really like to baptism the family together and some are progressing faster than others so we'll see what happens. But these are the people progressing the fastest. We're teaching a man that is super awesome, but since he can't walk, there's no way to get him to church. And he lives kinda far. But we just had 2 new families move into the branch that have cars so we're going to try to make friends with them real fast. :) Another thing that makes this week great is that we finally got gas to cook! We went 2 weeks without because we couldn't find anyone to get it for us and then we didn't have money so we had to buy a lot. Sorry I've been taking so much money out recently. They tell us our money will come one day and then it comes late and we don't have money to eat so I had to take out money for me and my companion. I'm going to try hard not to take more out though. So we were going to go to the beach today. Not to swim or anything, but to take pics and stuff. There were 3 zones that we're going to go, but then they canceled last minute.. :( I was so excited. I hope I get to see it before I leave. My comp went to visit one of her old areas today so I had an exchange with another sister. We went and played sports with our zone. It was fun. On Saturdays we've started playing volleyball with teenagers to help them be more involved and have fun. We had a ton of people come last week for the first time and hoping for much more this week. Tomorrow we have a zone conference with Elder Cornish. He's super smart. I'm excited. Also, there's an apostle coming in October!!!! We don't know which one yet, but I'm really excited. We heard Elder Holland was going to come a couple months ago, but couldn't risk getting the chikengunya. Haha. Whoever it is, it will be great. I'm getting really excited for general conference. It's a perfect opportunity to invite investigators because we ask them to pray if Pres Monson is a prophet and they've never seen him or heard him talk. Hopefully many will come. Thanks for all the pics! I'm excited for the reunion next year! I hope we'll be able to be with the fam a lot and not have too much school or homework. Well I don't have much time. I hope you all are doing great! I love you!

Hermana Woolf

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