Monday, September 15, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 - Week 55

Hey! WEll............ I`m still in Villa Gonzalez........ Yep. I didn`t get transferred. I really thought I was going this time. But it`s okay. There must be more to do. I`m with my same companion again too. We`re going on 4 transfers together now. She finishes her mission next transfer. Soooo that means I`ll be here for at least 2 more transfers because when she leaves I`ll have to show the area to someone else. I was a little disappointed because I was ready to experience a new area, but God knows best. I`m gonna keep working hard. So this week has been really good. We`ve had a lot of fun making empandas and pizza as a district and we had an FHE this week with a member family. We watched a video of Jesus Christ and had popcorn and played games. It was really fun. We`ve also had a lot of spiritual experiences this week in our lessions. I don`t know if it`s just the people here, or all over the world, but the majority of the people, don`t keep their commitments. So when we find someone that actually will, we`re super happy. Well we contacted this lady a couple weeks ago. We invited her to pray and ask if Thomas S. Monson is a prophet (like we invite everyone to do, but no one ever does). Well she did it. We asked her to explain how she felt and she described the spirit perfectly. I love when people describe the spirit without knowing that it`s the spirit and then we can teach them about it. She said she felt weird, but good at the same time. Moments like that really strengthen my testimony because I can feel the Holy Ghost so strong through their experience. We`ve also met a lot of new people with potential. I`m going to try to contact old investigators this transfer to see if any of them are ready to accept the gospel now. We also had a very VERY weird lession the other day. We were trying to teach this girl about the plan of salvation and she started going off on weird topics like if we believe in aliens and Pres Obama is satanic, and that Haitians are happy when their loved ones die. It was really uncomfortable. No matter what we said to get back on topic and explain that these things aren`t important and that she shouldn`t believe everything she reads on the internet, she just kept going with stranger and stranger topics. Haha. It was hard not to laugh. It was pretty funny. Oh Elder Cornish from the Seventy is coming in a couple weeks to talk to us. He came when I was in the CCM. He`s super smart. I`m excited to learn from him. Wow Jamie is starting college!!! Good luck! I can`t believe it`s in the 20s already! Crazy! Sounds like you`re having a great time in Utah! It will be hard to go back home. That`s so cool you got to go to the Jordan River Temple Mom. That must have been an awesome experience. Well I love you all so much and am praying for you! Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf


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