Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2015 - Week 60

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! It´s been a great week and super busy! Emily and Johan are progressing really well for their baptisms next month. We watched the Testaments with them on Friday and with some members and they loved it! Emily even shared her testimony in sacrament meeting on Sunday! :) But I was wondering, they both have told me that they wish they had CTR rings (well but in spanish so HLJ rings) but the mission office doesn´t sell them. Only at the temple but the next time the branch is going is in December and I was hoping to give them some for their baptisms. Do you think you could send me some? I haven´t seen lots of different designs, but I know they will love whatever. Our mission leader Nene got his mission call this week!! He´s going to Honduras on November 26! I can´t believe how fast it is! How will he be able to get his passport and visa before then?? But we are soooo excited for him!! He´ll be a great missionary! Mariano came on Sunday to church and brought his wife Santa again (investigator) and their kids! I have high hopes for that family! Also a woman we´ve been teaching came. She´s from Haiti and doesn´t know much spanish, but my companion has mostly been teaching her and translating when she doesn´t understand. I´m not really sure how I´m going to be able to continue with her without my companion. It will be really hard. But I´ll try as long as she has the desire. I´m sure it wasn´t easy in church to understand everyone. That´s one thing that´s so hard here. There are so many haitains but no french or creol speaking branches so basically none of them can accept the gospel while they are here unless they learn spanish. Hopefully one day there will be branches though. Eva and her family didn´t come this week because they went to the country, but Martin is getting really interested! He´s always the most active in the lessions, asking questions and making comments. We´ve asked them to choose their baptismal date this week so hopefully they do and can follow through. They still need more time. Yesterday we started a class for the members to help them know how to be member missionaries. It´s something that Pres Douglas has started and is enforcing in ALL of the areas. It´s a 7 week program. We teach a class each week (for example: how to open your mouth, how to find references for the missionaries, how to participate in the missionary lessions, how to rescue inactives, etc.) It´s super great. It has practices, games, stories, etc. The first class went good. The members were really involved. We´re hoping for more next week. So I got your package on Saturday!! Thank you SOOOO much!! And the book you sent me, I already finished it! (Clay Christensen’s “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”. It was amazing! My companion is reading it now and is already like half way through. :) Wow I learned so much. I´m going to have to read it again but slower and take notes. Thank you! I also got letters and talks and halloween candy from Uncle Bob and Aunt Kathleen! It was so sweet of them to think of me! We also went and ate at Pricemart (basically a costco) with SO MANY MISSIONARIES! There had to be close to 100. All the missionaries that are finishing next week wanted to go and say goodbye to people and I don´t know why but there ended up being a ton there. I got to see lots of my friends! Oh Dad, I have a question for you... Do you know who Hector Martinez is? He played for the Texas Rangers for a very short time but now plays for the Yankees. I haven´t heard of him, but we´re teaching his family! Haha. Pretty cool. Well I love you all so much! Just 2 months until we get to skype! :) People are already celebrating Christmas here. Haha. Decorations and everything. So I´m taking advantage and starting to sing the christmas hymns in our lessions. Haha. It feels weird so early, but I love them. I think if I had brought Christmas music with me, I would have listened to it year round. lol. Anyways, have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Woolf

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