Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - Week 63

Wow we´re in November already?? The months are flying! Thanks for all the Halloween pics! Everyone looked adorable! No one did anything here, but I bought some chocolate to celebrate. Haha. But this week has been great! We´re working really hard and seeing some of the fruits. We had 2 investigators except baptismal dates for the beginning of January but both need to get more of a desire to come to church still so we´ll see what happens. Emily and Johan are rockin it! They are brother and sister. 11 and 14 years old. Their mom is inactive but she´s going to come to their baptisms and confirmations so hopefully that will spark an interest to come back. She´s super great though! She´s really supporting them, helping them wake up in time and everything for church. I think they will stay strong. They both bore their testimonies on Sunday! I got the rings by the way! They are SOO cute! Thanks Mom! They will love them! Ivelice came this week to church! It was a total surprise! Anyways it was awesome! She left her colmado and just went. And she wants to go this Sunday too! Another that we’ve been teaching hasn´t come for a few weeks now. We haven´t been able to visit him. But we found out this week that he´s been working on Sundays so he couldn´t come. But Sunday was his last so he´s going to come this Sunday. He sent his kids to church though on Sunday. Another man we are teaching is so awesome! It´s such a hard circumstance because I can´t do anything. He wants to be baptized, but we can´t put a date because he can´t go to church... But he´s gotten to the point where he´s going to try to pay a taxi to go! That is dedication! I really hope it works out! So we had a service project on Saturday because it was the national service day. What did you guys do by the way? We went and built a house for a lady in our branch. Her house collapsed a few weeks ago. We had so many members there and non members too helping. It was so awesome. They got the whole house up by the end of the day! It was amazing! I started an English class this week. Everyone has been asking me to do it, so me and another elder are doing it. Only 4 came the first time, but hopefully more come this week. We had a meeting for the new missionaries yesterday. It was quite an adventure to get there. It has been raining SOOO much! To cross the street yesterday, I had to cross a river up to my knees. They don´t have drainage systems here. But we got there okay. The meeting was super great and I learned a lot about training. I´m glad my companion is very strong. Several of the other new girls were crying and saying they wanted to go home, etc. Pretty sure I was one of them too. Haha. But my daughter is doing really good with everything. And she´s progressing each day. We had to go home after with the assistants because the buses weren´t going out for the water in the streets. But we got really lucky because today was beautiful with lots of sun! We went to the monument with our zone and also to Wendys! We had so much fun! Also something cool happened to me last week! I ran into one of my old investigators from Tamboril! She moved to Santiago while I was still there and I didn´t hear from her again so I didn´t know what was going on. Well she told me she´s going to church in Santiago now and she wants to be baptized! She wants to go back to Tamboril to do it since she knows people better there. It was such awesome news! There really are people that you have an impact on and maybe never will know. I hope it all works out for her! So sounds like you guys have a big week planned with lots of fun stuff! It´s good to keep busy! Mom, don´t send me anything  for Christmas! If anything, the only thing I would want is some more little toys to give out to kids for Christmas. I ran out of what you sent me. But nothing else. I love all you guys! Get to see and talk to you next month! :) Have an awesome week!

Hermana Woolf

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