Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - Week 64

Hi everyone! How are things going? This week has been really good. We´ve had some of the highest numbers I´ve had my whole mission. We´re working really hard. When Elder Cornish came a while ago he told us we should try having an invitation day in our branches and wards so I decided it was a good idea. I talked to the branch president and we set it up for last sunday. We invited the whole world and the members too and we saw the fruits! On sunday we had 98 people in church (our normal attendance is like 65)! It was SOOO awesome! People just kept coming and coming and we had to keep getting more chairs from other rooms. Our chapel was completely full! That was one of the coolest experiences I´ve had in the mission. Just us had 7 investigators and 7 inactives there. I hope the members felt really good too and will want to continue inviting people every week! I really want to hit 100 one week. Emily and Johan are continuing to progress and will be ready for baptism next Saturday! They are really excited! They even gave us a reference of one of their friends and she came the first sunday. A lady we’ve been teaching came to church again on Sunday! We had a super good talk with her yesterday asking her what she believed and how she felt and she honestly has a testimony of everything we´ve taught her. We asked her to pray about it with real intent so I´m hoping she´ll get an answer this week. Mariano came with his whole family on Sunday! Alexis was going to pay the taxi (300 pesos which is a ton for them here) but he hurt his foot and couldn´t come. Yesterday we had a zone conference with all the missionaries in Santiago. It was so good! We heard from Pres and Sister Douglas and the assistants and a few others. I learned a lot. And we got a Thanksgiving feast! The class we´re doing with the members is going really well. We do lots of practices and games to help them get involved and I really think they all are more confident to be member missionaries now. And they´re doing their homework and giving us references. :) Today we had another Santiago activity in the abandoned airstrip. It was really fun. The English class is going well. We had like 8 in the class this week. It´s mostly kids or teenagers but we also have a Haitain investigator of the elders come because he´s learning Spanish. But everything is great. Sounds like you had a great time with your FHE and the cooking class! Wow they´re just now getting snow in Rexburg? I thought they would have had some already. Looks like it was a lot though! Thanks for the pics. I´m glad Chelsea had her baby! He´s so cute! Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf

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