Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - Week 48

This has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Yes... I got the chikungunya... Man it was rough. I guess I spoke too soon in my last email because I got it that night (Wednesday). :( It started with a rash all over my body and a fever and pain in my feet and back. Thursday and Friday were the worst. I had a fever of 103.6 and I couldn`t sleep because of the pain. Then I got nausea bad. I couldn`t eat almost anything this whole week. On Monday I tried to get going and almost passed out so we went to the doctor but they didn`t do anything for me. Just told me to drink lots of liquids and rest. Today is the first day I`ve felt a little better and could leave my bed. My companion took good care of me though. And practically the whole branch came and visited me during the week. They were so sweet. Even random people in the street that I`ve never seen before are asking me if I`m better. It`s pretty funny. Everyone is talking about the rubia. I did lose like 8 lbs though! Haha yeah I know it`s not healthy, but just looking at the bright side. :) But that`s about all that`s gone on this week. Haha. Very interesting I know. So that`s really exciting about the investigator progressing. Every investigator has something that holds them back a little, but I`m sure the missionaries will help her through it. It`s good that you are going with them to the visits. It happens a lot that the people get attached to the missionaries and then when the missionaries leave, they stop coming to church so that`s why it`s so important that they have a friend to keep going no matter what missionaries are there. So what age group do you have mom for seminary? Did you get the freshman? I think they are probably the easiest to teach. It`s their first year and they are excited still to go to seminary and like to participate. Do you have anyone in your class that I would know? Wow that`s so crazy that Megan Dahl is off for her mission already! The time passes so fast! Wow Christina is going to run a half marathon!? I didn`t know she was training for that! That`s awesome! I love all the pics! I can`t believe how big Brock is! He looks just like Riley. Everyone looks so cute. You can`t even tell Melissa is pregnant in some of those pics! Haha. Well we have interviews with Pres Douglas tomorrow and we`ll find out if my comp is training. Next week I might be in a new area!! Crazy. Can`t believe I have 11 months already. Well I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf

From Stephanie’s Mission President’s wife:
Chikungunya has hit epidemic proportions here.  Government estimates of those infected range from 400,000 to 1,00,000!  The dire prediction that one-third of the population will contract the disease has been changed to 40%-75% expected to contract the disease.  Imagine 75% of a population contracting a disease!  The absenteeism in businesses has had a huge negative impact on the economy, and it’s only expected to get worse. We’ve now had between 40-45 missionaries contract Chikungunya Fever.  As soon as they get sick, we encourage them to seek a Priesthood blessing. Fortunately, our missionaries seem to be in the sweet spot of age that recovers the quickest and with the fewest long-lasting side effects.  So far we’ve been very blessed.  As of now, even though we’ve had some very sick missionaries, we don’t have any missionaries experiencing long-term side effects.

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