Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - Week 47

Hey Fam! Glad to hear you all had a great reunion. It was kinda hard seeing all the photos, not being there, but I know I`m where I need to be. Sounds like you all had a ton of fun! The shirts look super cute. I like the idea about the gift of the heart. That will work out much better. It was always kinda hard to figure out what to give to a couple. Well it`s been a good week. It started with the strike, but it was more in the elders area, not in ours so we could still go out teaching. But unfortunately a couple people died. One of which was the sister of an inactive in our branch. He hasn`t come for a really long time and is an ex missionary and everything. Well he came this Sunday. It`s really sad, but also a big testimony builder. It just shows that in difficult times, it`s God that we really need. I think he`s figuring that out. I still haven`t gotten the chikengunya!! It seems like the whole world wants me to get it though.. Haha. They all say I`m next and keep asking me about it. I`m not gonna get it though. I`ve already decided. Lol. My companion and I went to Mao again this past Saturday for another baptism. We paid a member to drive us there and back so we didn`t have to stay the night again. It was good. We`ve had a ton of meetings this week. Ward council 2 times (because the first time hardly anyone showed us), a meeting with our branch president to plan the consecha this Saturday, and our meeting with the mission leader. The elders have been starting to play basketball at the church each Thursday because every teenage boy in the neighborhood comes so they are trying to befriend them to come to church. Well President wants us to start a volleyball team as well to help the teenage girls... We`ll see how it goes. The members have really been helping us this week! We`ve gone out with members like the last 4 days in a row for like 3 or 4 hours each! The lessions have been so much better. And guess what? I got to see Elizabett this week!! She was visiting here and so we got to teach her a lession! She has a baptismal date for next month. I hope it works out! So today has been an interesting day. We went and played baseball with our zone and another. Let me tell you. Playing baseball with Dominicans is a whole different ball game. Seriously every batter hits a home run. It was so crazy. We went and played at this baseball field in the middle of no where so when it was time to go, there were NO cars driving by to go to Santiago. And there were like 30 of us so we knew it would be hard. Well we decided to walk. I have no idea why because it would have taken us like 2 hours to get back I think. Well a huge construction truck passed by and said we could hitch a ride so we all jumped in the back! But it only took us a part of the way. So then we split up into groups. We were in a group of 8, continuing to walk. Finally a car came by so we all jumped in. All of us. My comp and I in the front seat and 6 elders in the back seat. It was so crazy! But he only charged us 200 pesos (50 cents each) to go all the way to Santiago. It worked out really well. Then we were eating at this place called Jumbo and an elder proposed to one of the sisters in the mission!!! Haha. I was like ¨what!?¨ But I guess they were dating before the mission for like 4 years and got called to the same mission and the sister is going home in 2 weeks and he doesn`t go home until December so he decided to propose now. Not gonna lie it was pretty uncomfortable because after proposing they couldn`t even touch each other. Not even a hug. Hahahaha.  It was pretty funny. But still. We`re missionaries! It just felt weird. Well transfers are in 2 weeks. I`m pretty positive I`m leaving. My comp only has 2 transfers left so she`ll either train or have another companion until she finishes. I hope I`m sent to a good area! I really have loved Villa Gonzalez, but it`s been a challenge. It`s hard not to see the fruits of your work. But in reality we have had lots of small miracles here, especially with the members. I feel like I can leave with a feeling of success even though I haven`t had any baptisms. Not gonna lie it`s been hard though. But, the Lord knows what`s best for me and all the people I`m teaching. Maybe someone will accept the gospel after I leave. Well I love you all so much! Glad you had a great week!

Hermana Woolf

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