Friday, July 4, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - Week 45

Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July tomorrow!! It`s weird that I won`t be celebrating or anything. Maybe I`ll try to wear red white and blue. :) So what will you all be doing? Where are you going to see fireworks? Sorry I couldn´t write yesterday. There was a big strike going on here and we couldn`t leave our house. I won`t go into details for your sake. :) Haha but I`m fine and everything is back to normal now. Oh! The temple was SOOO great! I`m so glad I got to go! I forgot how wonderful and peaceful it is. After the temple we went back to the CCM where we would be staying the night and got permission from Pres. Freestone to go to family prayer with the new missionaries. They all only had 1 week in the CCM. Wow it brought back SO many memories of my time in the CCM. I remember my first week. It was so hard and I thought I would never learn Spanish. Pres. Freestone introduced us to them in the family prayer saying I was there almost a year ago. ALMOST A YEAR AGO. I just can`t believe it. I felt so old. They all looked at me like wow she`s been here so long. But it was pretty cool to give some advice to them. They´ll be here with us in just a month. So this disease going around, the chikungunya is CRAZY! Wow when you guys asked me about it a couple weeks ago I hadn`t even heard of it or anyone that had had it. 2 days later Pres. Douglas talked to us all about it and now there´s not a single house that´s not infected with it. Seriously. Every single house. I don`t know how I haven`t gotten it yet. I`ve always seemed to have lots of luck. But I guess I shouldn`t speak yet. Haha. It`s weird though. Everyone has some symptoms in common like headache, fever, pain in the bones, but now some are getting rashes all over their bodies. It`s weird. But everyone seems to be healing in like 5 or 6 days. I heard it has spread to the US now. Have you heard anything? Anyways other than all that, it`s been a good week. lol. In our district meeting this week I was asked to speak in English which was a little strange because no one could understand me. I had to translate everything into Spanish after every sentence in English. But I had them all read in English. :) We had a sister meeting this week too and we all brought desserts to share! I can`t remember the last time I`ve had a dessert. A couple weeks ago we got a reference to visit this man Mariano who is inactive. So we went and he was super great! He was active for like 15 years and has been inactive for like 3 or 4. Anyways he came to church this week! I was so happy! Ususally we find inactives and they don´t want to go to church (that`s the reason they`re inactive). Well he just needed someone to come motivate him. I hope he keeps coming. We started a missionary goal this week with our branch! I`m really excited. We`ve invited all the members to participate. There are 5 requirements for the month of July: go out with the missionaries 2 times, have FHE every Monday, give 2 references to the misisonaries, do their visiting or home teaching, and have 10 conversations about the gospel with nonmembers. If they complete all of these things we will give them a diploma and the last saturday of this month we will be having a potluck to give them out and everyone will bring their favorite food to share. I hope everyone participates! It will really help us as missionaries and them as members. Haha Sorry Mom about the shorts! I should have been more specific that I was talking about 2 different pairs! I`m glad you figured it out though! Thank you! Can`t wait to get the package! Dad, I did get the conference talks! Like about a month ago. I´ve already read them all again. They are so good! Sounds like Jamie is working hard! In her job and in the house! Lol. I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

Hermana Woolf

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