Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday, December 4 – Week 15

Hey!!! How are you!? Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for the pictures! I love getting pictures!! That´s so cool that you went to Texas Motor Speedway! That would be so fun! Are you preparing for Christmas now? Do you have the tree up and decorations? Have the chimes come out yet? Haha. Are you going to make sugar cookies and chocolate marshmallow rolls? We´ll need to figure out a time for skype soon. What is even the difference in time from here to there? I´m hoping skype will work out. Our branch president said we could use the computer in the church for more privacy, but we have to find someone with a webcam which might be difficult. I´ll do everything I can to make it happen though! We now have dinner plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas!! It´s rare here because people only celebrate Christmas Eve for some reason. But I´m glad we´ll have something to do. Thanks for telling me the new challenge! I´m reading Jesus the Christ right now which is so amazing! I don´t think I´ll be able to finish it in one month since it´s like 700 pages, but I´ll try! haha. I´m also studying the topic of faith in the Book of Mormon. Elder Bednar challenged missionaries to take a brand new book of mormon and pick a topic to study. It´s so cool. You can recognize so much more when you are focusing on one specific thing. People keep telling me that I should read the lectures on faith when I get home. Well this week was pretty good. So we are teaching this girl Lisbeth. She is progressing so fast. She already has a testimony and wants to be baptized. But of course there is a problem. She lives with this man Julio who is an inactive. Well they don´t have a great relationship. So she either has to get married to him, which she doesn´t want to do. Or be separated. This is the choice I´m pretty sure she will make. And if she does, that means she will move to Santiago to live with her family and we´ll have to pass her on to other missionaries. It makes me really sad, but her happiness is most important and I know she will be baptized wherever she is. I just wish I could be there. We had to move David´s date to the 14th because he didn´t come to church on Sunday. I really hope he comes this Sunday or we´ll have to move it again. But Ruben, Esther´s husband, received the Aaronic Priesthood this past Sunday!! It was great! And now he can baptized his daughter Rubi in February! She has the same birthday as me! He is so excited! I love that family. A couple days ago we had exchanges and I went to Santiago and another hermana came to Tamboril with my companion. Well they told me that Rubi was crying and crying that night because she thought I had left for good. Haha. So cute. We had an activity for our investigators on Friday. It was great. A lot of them came! We had a spiritual message and some games. It was a good way for them to meet some of the members and have friends. So we´ll get to watch the 1st Presidency message on Sunday in spanish of course. Haha. But I´m excited! We went to the zoo today!! It was not very cool, but it was only a dollar so makes sense. When you think about what animals are in this country, you can imagine that the selection of animals was not very large. There was literally a cage of cats and 5 cages of different dogs. Hahaha. So weird. So did anyone go see the Hunger Games yet??? Was it good?? What other movies are coming out for the holidays? Oh Mom have you posted on my Facebook yet about my address? (not that there is any rush. just because I think I said every 3 months? I can´t remember.) Well if you haven´t, could you put my email address too? Seems to be much easier for people. If you did already, don´t worry about it! Thanks so much for sending a package! You are so sweet! It will totally make my whole month (after getting to see you guys of course). Well I love you all sooooo much!!! I hope you´re having a wonderful holiday season. Talk to you next week!

Hermana Woolf

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