Friday, December 20, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013 - Week 17
Hey Fam!! How are you? Sorry I`m a day late on sending my email! I hope you weren`t worrying. Yesterday was a super crazy day and we had no time to go to the Internet Center so we got special permission to write today. How is everyone doing? Are you enjoying the Christmas holiday? What have you been doing? Those sugar cookies look good! Haha. I got your package!!! It is HUGE!! You didn't need to send me so much stuff! You are not allowed to send me another package for the rest of my mission. But thank you so much! I can't wait to open everything up! Thanks for sending my jeans! I've already worn them twice since Monday. Haha. Well it`s been another great week! Very very busy. On Thursday we had another consecha but this time it was in the area of the elders with us in Tamboril. They don`t have many people to teach right now so hopefully that helped. We`ve been having a lot of practices for choir to get ready for the Devotional this Sunday. It will be so great! On Monday we had a district meeting and I gave a lesson about how we can apply the Atonement. The Spanish is really starting to come. I`m not even nervous to talk in front of people anymore in Spanish. It`s not that hard anymore. So good news about one of our investigators, Lisbeth, is that she came back to be with Julio again and I don`t know what happened but I think she`s thinking about marrying him now? Who knows. We are going to fast with her and Julio on Saturday for her to make a decision. Julio already knows he wants to marry her. Hopefully it all works out okay. She is already ready to be baptized. Tuesday we had zone conference with the mission president and his wife and 100 other missionaries. It was great. It was all about Christ and after we had a 2 hour testimony meeting. Then after that we had an activity for people in all of the areas of the missionaries that were at the zone conference. Not many people came unfortunately, but Ruben and Esther and their kids came. It`s a big sacrifice to come all the way to Santiago when you don`t have money. It was a night of musical numbers and it was so beautiful. Okay so yesterday... wow it was crazy. We left in the morning for Santiago to play paintball... again. I didn`t want to play but my comp did so we went. Then we went to Pricemart to buy a couple things but especially so I could print the pics for my gift of the heart. Well guess what? The printer was broken... I had the package already to send and everything. Just missing the photos. So we went to the office to figure out a new place to print pictures. We had to travel across town to find one, got them all printed, went back to the office, and put it all together to send. It was past 5 by this point. Well then we had to wait an HOUR for a car to come so we could get back to Tamboril. It was so crazy. There were about 50 people waiting for a car and there were NONE. We had to push people out of the way to finally get into one. So we got back at 730 and there was no way we could go to the internet center. We went straight to our last lesson for the day. So another good thing is that our investigator Ricardo has a baptismal date on the 18th of January. He was supposed to get baptized last month, but like I said, his wife is the problem. Well I think they are going to get married and it will work out. We`re praying for miracles. He is so ready. He has a testimony of everything we teach. Today we painted his house! It was a big project and it`s not done, but it looks great. We have a Christmas dinner with our branch tomorrow! I`m super excited. And we have 4 dinners for Christmas eve. FOUR! I don`t know how I`m gonna do it. Haha. I can`t even eat one dinner here...It will be great to visit with the members though. We also have a dinner for Christmas. Okay so for skype, the time will be 1 in the afternoon. We get an hour to talk. I`m a little worried about it all working out okay, but they have computers in the mission office to use if it doesn`t. I don`t know anything about a calling card or anything so let`s just hope it works. If not, I`m sure we can find a way to call you. And yes DearElder still works for me. It`s free so that`s a good thing, but it`s fun to get handwritten letters too. Scott and Christina have used it quite a few times for me! Well I can`t wait to talk to you in just 6 days!!! I am so excited!! Remember 1 o`clock. I love you all so much!! Merry Christmas!!

Hermana Woolf

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