Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wednesday, December 11 - Week 16

Hey fam! How´s it going? Wow I can´t believe you all got so much snow this week! I can´t even remember the last time that the snow has stopped us from doing things for more than a day or two. Sad that you can´t have the Christmas party! But wow 18 inches in Utah! I can´t even imagine. Jaden must be having fun though! Haha. So this week has been good. Not much new. On Friday we went out with the Elders in Tamboril with us to visit a bunch of referencies we had for them all day. Saturday we did service for a widow in our branch for a few hours which was great. Sunday we had choir like all day long. First we practiced with our branch and then went to Santiago to practice for the stake conference in 2 weeks. If I have to sing La Primera Navidad one more time after this... lol. But seriously. And then after that we were going to watch the 1st Presidency message together in the chapel with our branch, but couldn´t get internet. By the time we did it was near the end. I did get to hear Elder Nelson´s talk though. I´m sure I´ll be able to read it later. Also Elder Sotelo downloaded Skype on the computer in the church, found someone with a webcam and bought a microphone!! He is awesome! So hopefully it will all work out! I got on for like 6 seconds to make sure I remembered my username and password, but none of you were on. Haha. So it has been raining actually pouring for 3 days straight. The streets are flooded. It´s been crazy. We did service for a woman in our branch yesterday outside, and it was crazy. We were drenched after only a minute or so. But it was fun. The sun finally came out this afternoon. Hopefully it will stay. So David is having trouble coming to church. We told him we would set a new date when he started showing us that he wanted to go to the church. He has a girlfriend now and spends all his time with her. BUT we found out where she lives so we can visit her with him. And when he´s not home, we know where he is! hahaha. Lisbeth has been with her family all week so we haven´t been able to visit her. I´m not sure if she has made a decision yet about Julio. But we have this other investigator Catherine who is progressing SO fast! It´s amazing. She reads more of the Book of Mormon than we ask her to, she reads the pamphlets before we start them, she answers all the questions in the back which includes searching the scriptures for answers, she´s coming to church every week, and always has lots of questions. Her baptism is set for Feb 1! So I started Our Search for Happiness a couple days ago. I´m almost done, it´s very short. But it´s so good. It would be a great book to give to someone that wants to know more about the church. I am loving the cards from Aunt Sarah and everyone who participated! It is so fun!! And there are great talks and Christmas stories too. I love it! So something kinda funny happened this week. Okay it´s not funny. It´s sad. But pretty ironic too. So this inactive member´s home burnt down- like the entire thing. But the only thing that survived was her Book of Mormon completely in tact and a couple pics from her mission. How crazy is that!!!?? Maybe she´ll take it as a sign after she comes back from this horrible thing that happened. Ok to answer your questions: I don´t know Sister Webber but I´ve heard of her. Do you know what area she is in? Who else´s moms do you talk to? I have a water filter but don´t use it. I just drink the water from the bottles that we buy and only drink water from people that I know buy the bottles. Most people do. It´s much safer. I do drink some soda, but not a ton. A lot of people give it to us or I drink it if there isn´t water. My clothes are good. Several are getting pretty loose. The skirts are easy to adjust because I can just put a pin in them, but the shirts I can´t do anything about. So they are just baggy on me. But maybe I´ll try to find someone to hem them soon. But yeah I have everything I need! Thank you for sending a package! I can´t wait! And Christmas lights!? That will make it really feel like Christmas! Thank you! I get a ton of mail from everyone in the family which is great! Not much in the mail from friends, but they all email me which is great! Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you so much! See you in 2 weeks!!!!!

Hermana Woolf

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