Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - Week 14

Hey! How is everyone?? That must be so fun to have the family there! I bet your making pies right now! (actually I have no idea what time it is in Texas) But you are probably making them tonight! What have you guys been doing? Is anyone going to play football tomorrow? Or watch parades? Cooking of course... Polar bear swim? I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving here. I´m sure it will feel like every other day. But I am so so thankful for all of you! My family is my greatest blessing. Things are going good here. I feel much better. Rash is gone and I just have a few more days of taking my medicine ( I would never even have known I even had it ) Haha. But yeah there is an LDS doctor but he only comes once every 2 weeks. So if we need help, we just go to the clinic. Well I´m not sure how to answer the question about how my Spanish is anymore. I feel like I´ve learned so much and I can talk to people and have no problem in the lessons teaching. But I feel like I´ve hit a wall and am not learning much anymore... or just really slow. I think overall it is more helpful to have a Latina companion because you learn much quicker, but at the same time, I am someone that learns best when someone can explain things to me in English. Or even small things like if I´m in a lesson and am in the middle of a sentence and don´t know a word, I can´t turn to my companion and ask really quick what it is. So that´s kinda hard. But I think I´m at a good spot for where I´m at. I only have 3 months after all. Oh yesterday we had a bat fly into our apartment!! Haha. We were screaming and screaming and locked ourselves in our room. lol. One of the scariest moments ever walking out of our room to see if it was still there. Because 3 of our rooms don´t have light so it could have been anywhere. But it flew out the window luckily. Haha. We did this thing yesterday called consecha. I don´t know the English word for it. But basically everyone in my district went to this place Guraba, the area that had the two missionaries that were sent home, to go contacting. Because basically two new elders were thrown in there and don´t know the area. So each companionship contacted for an hour and a half and then brought back the information to the Elders in that area. We found 4 families for them to teach. That is pretty good. It´s hard to find families. But it was good to help them. We got two new elders in our district out of the CCM so there is actually people that I know more Spanish then! Haha. But our district now has 7 out of 8 people that speak English! My comp is the only one that doesn´t. But it´s fun. Definitely a different experience. We were invited to have Christmas Eve with a family in our branch so I´m glad I have something to do! Also they invited us to go to the zoo with them sometime soon so that will be fun! We have a dinner this week for all of our investigators and to share messages as well. I think it will be really good. I can´t believe Kinsler got traded!! How sad! That´s great you´re having a Christmas activity! Those are so fun. I´m so jealous that it´s so cold there! That is one thing I miss so much! And the food. I don´t think there has been a single time yet in the field that I have eaten because I wanted to. I literally just eat because I have to. Nothing is amazing here. But I´m actually liking platanos a little more. It´s a miracle. A tender mercy. Because I have to eat those so much. Thanks for the recommendation Dad. I´m trying to take lots of pictures. It´s hard because there´s never a good time when you´re proselyting all day. But I´m trying to find ways. And I´ll definitely take some before I leave this area. I know I have at least 3 more months here so I have time. But I love you all so much! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Hermana Woolf


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