Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 – Week 11

Hi!! How are you? Sounds like things have been busy and super fun! I always loved those fall festivals. It really brings the ward together and is so much fun. So things are great here! It´s been a busy and wonderful week! The most exciting news... Esther is getting baptized on Saturday!!! I am so excited for her! It has been challenging to make it all work out, but it finally is! First they didn´t have the money. Then Esther called us up last week to say she wasn´t sure she even wanted to marry Ruben which is crazy since they´ve been together for 12 years and have 3 kids. Haha. She was just nervous I think. So we talked to them both and got them excited for it. Then we went with them a couple days ago to sign the papers and pay for the marriage and they were missing paperwork which would cost 2000 more pesos which is a ton. But they rounded up everything they had and we pitched in a little and they got all the money they needed. So now they just have to get married on Friday and we´re all set for the baptism on Saturday. I´ve learned that things aren´t always easy. Satan does everything in his power to stop people from becoming a family and joining the church. But this just shows me how much Esther wants it. She is so ready. I really believe their family will stay active. Maybe I´ll get to go to the temple with them in a year to get sealed! How awesome would that be? I´m crossing my fingers. On Sunday we had a ton of investigators at church again! It makes me happier than anything when that happens. This one lady we are teaching Glenis, came to church this week. I didn´t think she wanted to at all but there she was. I was ready to give up on her. And then in church, it seemed like she wasn´t enjoying it. Like she was bored or something. But then when we met with her a couple days later she said she loved it and thought it was so great. Wow I am just learning so much, to never give up on people. So on Saturday we got to do a Mormon helping hands service project! Well basically we just wore the vests but our ward cleaned up some of the streets. But it was so fun! And our investigator David came and Ruben (Esther´s partner) and one of their kids. David is really loving the church. He comes to church, he comes to service projects, he comes to our choir practices. It´s so great. His baptism is in a few weeks. Well the English class went well! There were only 4 people but I feel like I did okay. It´s hard though. English is a hard language. I don´t think I could teach someone it in English. Spanish is much harder. For now, my companion is helping me. In the future, she is going to teach a class on how to read in Spanish because a lot of people here can´t. On Monday we had a huge celebration at a member´s home to celebrate her daughter´s and an elder´s birthday. It was a feast! I´m counting it as my Thanksgiving. There was chicken, rice, salad, lasagna, pasta, cake, and lemon bars. Haha. Wow I was so stuffed afterward. But it was so fun! Oh so today I got the package from Aunt Sarah! Thank you for the mosquito net! That will be so nice. I keep hearing of people getting dengae and I am kinda scared I will get it. But she also sent an advent calendar for December. There is a card for each day for me to open. It is so cute! I´m excited to open them! We played paintball today as a zone!! My first time! It was really fun! And then I got to go to this store called PriceSmart which is exactly like costco or sams. Not that I need anything in a huge amount... but it was still fun. So we are singing on Sunday in church with our choir. It is not so good... but all that matters is that it brings the Spirit. I do not have a good voice. But compared to everyone else here... I am like Cristina Agulera. Haha. Seriously though. They aren´t so good at singing. But they try really hard. Did I tell you we sing a hymn before every lesson we teach? It is so great. On Friday my companion and I and the 2 elders in our branch are going to sing I can go the distance from Hercules in English and then in Spanish. It will be fun! So right now we have a goal as our zone that each companionship will activate 3 families before Christmas. It is going to be very hard, but we have one coming every week right now. We just need two more. But you´ll never guess how many inactives are in our branch... 350!!!! I can´t believe it myself. There is so much work to do. Okay enough about me. Wow it has been a long week. Haha. So only 8 trick or treaters? Wow. Our neighborhood is getting old. lol. But your pumpkin looked awesome!!! Good job!! That´s great you´re putting together 24 hour kits. Everyone should have one. So, no, the weather is not getting cooler. It is sooo hot everyday. But I am getting a really nice tan! So every other Wednesday we get 3600 pesos or about $90. It´s plenty to live off of. We spend a lot of it just traveling to and from Santiago for meetings. But I always have extra. The homes here are not great. They are usually made of cement blocks but are very, very small. And the power goes out a lot. We are so lucky to live where we live. So my eating schedule is not the best... I eat cereal for breakfast, for lunch usually a sandwich or pasta and I don´t really eat dinner that often. We get fed a couple days a week usually for dinner but usually I´ll just eat some crackers or something. We get home so late. I go straight to bed after we plan so I´m not even hungry. But anyways... I´ve lost about 40 pounds so far! I´m excited about that! My clothes are getting kinda loose though. Haha. But once I lose a little more, I´ll get them taken in. Okay so I´m sorry I haven´t sent pictures yet! I really want to but every week we are so late to emailing and have like no time. If we go earlier next week I promise to send you some! I love you all so much! You are my favorite people in the world! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Hermana Woolf

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