Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - Week 13
Hey family! How´s it going? I´ve made it through my first transfer in the field! Yay! Well this week has been kinda rough on my health. (don´t worry mom, I´m okay) :) But I got the flu last Wednesday because I ate at this place called pica pollo. I didn´t think it was considered "on the streets" because it was like a restaurant. But I should have known better. We were with another American and he ate it, so I thought it was okay. Anyways... I had that for about 2 days. I just stayed home and slept all day. Then a couple days ago I got this rash looking thing all over my body, but it didn´t itch or hurt or anything. But we decided to go to the doctor just in case to see what it was. Well he sent me to the hospital to get tests done (which I don´t know why because he already knew what it was but didn´t tell me). But anyways we went back the next day to go over the results with him and he told me that I have a urine infection. Who knew? So now I have to take medicine for that. But the rash thing is a symptom of Dengae, but I don´t have dengae... how does that work? Anyways I´m hoping it goes away soon because it´s really gross looking. Haha. But yeah. Everything is good now. I´m getting better. So not much else new this week. We had zone conference on Thursday with President and Sister Douglas which was great and they fed us a Thanksgiving dinner! That was cool! My English class was great on Saturday. More and more people are there each week. I am teaching with an Elder in Tamboril (the one from Argentina) because he knows Spanish and English. Then the elders had a baptism after the class that we went to which was great! And every time someone has a baptism, I guess it´s tradition to have pizza night as missionaries. So the elders bought pizza for us all. It was so fun. I can´t remember if I´ve told you, but we are in the choir for our branch and we are going to sing in a special program in stake conference next month. Every ward will be singing. It´s so beautiful. However... no one in our branch can sing. Seriously. No one. I´m literally the best one. It´s so sad. But we had the stake chorister come and help us on Sunday to get better. But it is just a mess. We need to practice a lot. lol. So today was transfers. Elder Castro who has been with us in Tamboril left to be a zone leader and Elder Sotelo got another companion, Elder Hudson. An American!! Yay! Also two of the elders in our district are going to train new missionaries so I won´t be the newest anymore!!! As for our investigators, we moved the date of David´s baptism because he is just learning so slow. It will be in December now, right before Christmas. And we also got permission to move up Elizabeth´s baptismal date to December so I´m excited about that! But yeah that´s pretty much it for this week. Oh could you tell me what the family challenge is for this month? If even I can´t do it, I´m curious what it is. So to answer your questions... The humidity really isn´t bad anymore. Yes it´s hot obviously, but it doesn´t bother me anymore. Plus we´re in homes most of the day and only 3 hours are with the sun out. I´ll try to remember to take pics of my apartment this week. :) So does everyone come this week for Thanksgiving? Eat some pie for me! Thanksgiving will be my 3 month mark! That´s great Jamie tried out for a solo! Let me know if she gets it! Well I love you all so much! Until next week!

Hermana Woolf

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