Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - Week 8
Hey family!! It is so good to hear from you every week! It is the thing I look forward to most about Wednesdays! Well this week has been super hard. Much harder than I thought it would be. I am struggling a lot with the language barrier between my companion and I. Half the time I dont know what shes saying so I dont know what we are doing or where we are going. She doesnt understand much english at all and she cant speak it except a few words. Its very frustrating for me. But Im trying to have patience and keep reminding myself that this is only a temporary challenge. But its pretty lonely. I cant talk to anyone. Ive been feeling pretty homesick this week. But we’ve had some pretty awesome things happen too. We are visiting this family where the father is an inactive and the mother is not a member. She cant get baptized until they get married so they are getting married on October 25 and she is getting baptized on October 26! It is super exciting. We also have another man named Ricardo that will be baptized in a few weeks and a family that will be baptized next month. The success is amazing! Im not even exaggerating, every single person lets  us in their home. They all are so humble. So every appointment we have, we ask our investigator who they would like to say the prayer and guess who they pick? Me. Every. Single. Time. Haha. They love to have me say the prayers because they dont think I can speak Spanish and they think its funny. But I love to prove them wrong. :) Also everyone calls me rubia (which means blondie) because Im American. It doesnt even matter that Im not blonde. Im white and thats all that matters. It must be rare to see an american because I have yet to see one in my area. I saw a couple today when I was in the city but not in Tamboril. There is so much to tell you about! There is no way I can say everything but I will try. Sorry if this is all over the place. So every sunday we eat lunch at a members home. Well they eat a ton. Like A TON. They serve your food for you and they mound it SO high. We had rice and chicken and this dominican thing for lunch and I couldnt believe my companion could eat it all. Like it was more than I could eat in an entire day. Well the people here are very offended if you dont eat everything on your plate. So I feel really bad because I didnt even come close to eating all of it. It looked like I hadnt even touched it and I thought I would throw up if I had another bite. And I had even been fasting before then. Its so crazy. So I dont know what Im supposed to do. I guess learn to put it down. So its not super hot here. Like probably 90 every day. But it rains every single day so that cools it down. But even when it isnt hot, it is super humid. I sweat so much. I only feel clean for about 15 minutes a day- when Im in the shower. Haha. We walk a lot here. We are by the mountains so a lot of the people live up in the mountains. Plus our area is super big so we go everywhere. Probably 5 or 6 miles a day at least. Okay so here is our schedule: wake up 6:30. Exercise outside (walk and run) for 30 minutes. Eat breakfast and shower. Personal study. Companionship study. Language study. Lunch. 12 weeks (my training). Then we go out to teach. Its a rule here that we cant go out until 3 pm! Its so weird! But we dont come back for dinner so we stay out from 3 to 9 and then plan, eat dinner, and go to bed. Its good though. Oh and there are dogs EVERYWHERE. Like sometimes I will pass a pack of 9 or 10 of them together. But they are all very calm. None of them would ever bite me. Haha. So on Monday we had a zone meeting so I got to see a few of my friends from the CCM! It was so good to speak english! And then today for pday we got to meet up with our zone again to play soccer. It was really fun. My area doesnt have a ward, just a branch so not a ton of people. And Tamboril only has 4 missionaries, us and 2 elders. I love the elders in our district though! One is from Mexico and one is from Argentina- Dad he wanted me to ask you if you ever had mata. I tried it. It is pretty different but good. They both know a little english so it has been good to talk to them sometimes. We see them at least once a day. Okay now to answer your questions: it is super beautiful here. Everything is really green. But the houses are not nice. Everyone is very poor. We do have light and electricity which Im so greatful for! But I do wish I had brought a fitted sheet and a pillow. I thought they would have one there but they dont. I will have to try to find one. Im doing okay with the food. We got to go to a bigger store today in the city so I have a few more things. Im going to try to make pizza. I actually dont need a mosquito net because I guess dengae isnt a problem here. But i have a ton of mosquito bites even though I put on bug spray every day. They gave me a really nice fan that I keep on at night and I wake up cold. Its great! We get water from a store and they come in like a big jug that we can transport to our water bottles to take with us. Im not really sure about letters. I think send them to the mission address. Sounds like everyone is doing great and doing exciting things! Thanks for the pictures! And keep praying for me. I will need it this week. I love you all sooo much! and miss you every day! You are the world to me. Until next week.

Hermana Woolf

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