Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30 - Week 10

Hey family! How are you? Are you excited for Halloween? It´s weird because it doesn´t feel like Halloween for me. No one decorates or anything. Just a bunch of Christmas decorations everywhere. Well it´s been a great week! Ruben and Esther got the money to get married!!! Thanks for your prayers! They will be getting married on the 8th and Esther will be baptized on the 9th! I am so excited for them! We have several others that still need to be married but I hope one day they can. I´m not sure you can pay for their marriages dad. That is super sweet though! I think it is somewhere around 5,000 pesos so thats like a little over 100 dollars I think. Haha I don´t know. I can´t do the math in my head. But yeah that´s the hard thing. When people want to be baptized and can´t. But we will keep teaching them and hope for miracles. We contacted this couple a couple days ago and the man, Julio, is a member but inactive. I guess he really wants to go to church and has a huge testimony, but he doesn´t want to go without his wife. So he was basically pleading us to teach her and baptize her so they can go together. It was so cute! I will love teaching them. So I got your package!! Thank you so much!! You didn´t have to send me another one! I am so grateful though! It has been so nice to have a pillow and a fitted sheet! And all those green things because I am a greenie! That was so cute!! Thank you so much!!! You guys are the best!! So yeah I teach my first English class on Saturday! It´s actually not for the members. Well the members can come, but we are mostly inviting our investigators. I think it will help them a lot and our relationship with them will be much better. I hope a lot of people come. Unfortunately it is during our proselyting time, but I think we can get new contacts out of it if people bring their friends. My talk went super well! I had to read most of it, but it was good. I used part of my farewell talk and changed a few things to better meet the needs of my branch. Then I had Elder Sotelo fix the things that I didn´t translate correctly. Everyone was coming up to me after sacrament meeting and telling me I did a great job. It was awesome. Also we had a ton of investigators at church! It was the best feeling ever! Last week it broke my heart that not many came after they said they would. A lot of people don´t follow through with their commitments. But this week we got 3 investigators, an inactive, and a recent convert to come! It was awesome! So I´m not sure about the package from Sarah´s friend.. I need to ask about that. It may be possible. Thanks for the recipe! I think I´ll make that a lot! Haha. That´s exciting about Drama Daze! I´m sure you´ll be glad when it´s over! That´s cool about the missionaries meeting with the youth! We only have like 4 or 5 youth in our branch I think. Haha. It´s super small. But we are getting references from them to teach their friends. That is great that you guys took that marriage class! It sounds like it was very helpful. You guys have such a great relationship. I´m not sure you needed it. But maybe you needed to be there to remind everyone else how it should be. So our area is HUGE! We barely even cover a tiny bit of it. There are just so many people. So we walked to the farthest part of our area the other day to see what it was like. It took us like an hour and a half to walk there. Maybe we will spend a day out there and try to contact new people. Oh Mom can you go on my facebook and accept Maria Guadalupe Mendez? She is a member in my ward and I want her to tag me in a photo that was taken of me and my zone doing service in my area. So last week we got to have a new missionaries meeting so I got to see all of my friends in the Santiago Mission! It was great! We have another one in 2 weeks! Anyways... Things are just great! I love to hear from you each week! I love you all so much! You are amazing! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Woolf

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