Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - Week 9

Hey there family! How are things going? This week has been so much better! Its still hard, but getting easier every day. Sorry I was such a downer last week. I wasnt having a great day so it came out in my email. But things are great! So we had a baptism planned for this week (her name is esther), but it fell through. She and Ruben were going to get married this week before the baptism but they dont have the money like they thought they would. But they should in the next few weeks so im crossing my fingers that it still happens. They are so great though! They come to church every week and are such a wonderful family. Since Im new it is my responsibility to invite people to baptism. I have invited a few people and they have said yes so I hope it works out! There are so many people that accept the gospel here, but so many baptisms fall through too. We really have to work hard to make them happen. So I have been asked to do a ton of things... I am giving a 12 min talk on missionary work on Sunday... in spanish... yeah that is going to be rough. And Ive been asked to participate in the choir which is us 4 missionaries in tamboril and the branch president and his wife. Haha. We will sing every week and it will be christmas songs. They love Christmas! Then Ive also been asked to start and teach an english class. Everyone here wants to learn english so they can get better jobs but there isnt anyone to teach them. So this will be good practice for being a teacher! Theyve also asked me to teach an english class in my district meetings. Haha. There is so much to do but I love to serve as much as i can. Although my district leader asked me to play O Holy Night in church next week and thats where I drew the line. Haha. I need way more than a week to learn a song especially since I havent played in forever. And Im a missionary... there is just no time to practice. So remember how I told you about Elder Hamilton going home? Well hes back and in my district!!! I am so excited! We get to see each other more than once a week! So we had 2 weeks interviews with the mission president this week! It was great. He is a wonderful mission president. I also had intercombios this week! Oh sorry thats splits. It was with the leaders of the sisters so I got to be with an english speaker for a day which was great! So everyone here LOVES platanos. They look like bananas but they arent. I really dont like that but I have to eat them a ton with the members. I hope I learn to love them soon! Haha. So the transportation here is called gua guas. They are small little buses but they pack everyone in those things! We fit 27 people in it once and it should have only fit 15 people. It is crazy! I am getting closer to people than I ever wanted to be. :) Oh and someone asked me if I was 14 this week. That was fun. Haha. Anyways... so I tried making pizza but it didnt work out so great. Can you send me our recipe? Or maybe the one for pan bread if its easier to make? I have like flour, yeast, salt, water... idk what else i need but im sure i could find it somewhere. So we cant go out until 3 because well first of all I am in training so the mornings need to be spent studying. And then 12 to 3 is siesta so its like disrespectful to go out during that time. But we work hard to get a lot of appointments in during our short time. Things are good with my comp. We have a few differences but just because we are from different cultures. We are working through them. She is very patient with me. That is so cool about the lady Aunt Sarah knows. If its too big of a hassle she doesnt need to send me anything!! But that is so nice. I guess a mosquito net would be nice, if not for now, im sure i will need it later. I currently have over 30 mosquito bites. Haha. Jamie, you are already quitting your job? I guess thats for the best with how busy you are! Do you still work at CIMA though? Im jealous I cant watch biggest loser with you! I hope i can catch up on that when I get home. Thank you for all the prayers! Wow that is a ton of prayers every day for me! I really really appreciate it! And thank you for your kind words Dad. I dont think I have all of those qualities but Im trying to develop them more to be a better missionary. I cant believe you are doing so much repair to the house! You have squirrels again? What happened? And wow so many other things too! Could you pray for Esther and Ruben, Jose and Miriam, and Anthony and Miriam? All 3 couples are trying to get married before they can be baptized but need to get the money first. Thank you so much! I love you all soooooo much! And I miss you!
Hermana Woolf

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