Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - Week 78
Wow where do I even begin!? It´s unreal that this is my last email home of my mission. I´m overwhelmed with emotions. It´s been an indescribably amazing experience over the last year and a half. There have been hard times but so many happy moments that I couldn´t trade for anything. My whole life has been changed for going on a mission. It has been the best decision of my life. I´m already seeing the blessings that were promised me in my patriarchal blessing for going. And though I wish it didn´t have an end, God has more in store for me. I know I´ll have more opportunities to share the gospel when I get home. Plus I´ll get to see ALL of my family which I´m SO excited about. It will be an adjustment, but I´m ready to take on a new challenge and start my life as a new and improved disciple of Christ. Thank you all for your love and support during this journey. I couldn´t have made it to where I am now without you all. This week has been really great. Geresly is still doing great and guess what? We´ve moved Niño´s baptism to the same Saturday! It was going to be this Saturday but we decided it would just be better to baptize them both together. Mayor is doing SOOOOOO great. Wow he´s for sure getting baptized in March. He´s one of the best investigators I´ve had. He does everything we ask him to do. He´s reading the book of mormon on his own, plus all the pamphlets and chapters we leave him, he came to church again on Sunday and he has so many amazing questions. He´s already told us he wants to be baptized and is preparing himself. All that´s missing is some lessions, but once he gets them, he´s all set. Can´t wait to see the pics! Well we had an interesting experience this week. We started getting a whole ton of calls from our branch president, and the assistants and the mission office asking if we had lost some important documents. We started freaking out thinking we had been robbed, but we contacted a guy who had found the stuff and it turned out being another american´s passport and credit cards and everything that someone had stolen. Well we got the mission office on it and were able to track them down to return their stuff. I´m really glad we could or that could have been a horrible experience for them. It was pretty scary for us for a second too. Haha. Saturday we had a Valentine´s Day Karaoke night in the branch which was fun. And we FINALLY got a new mission leader on Sunday. It´s a new guy that just moved here and he´s awesome! Just talking with him, I wanted to extend to be able to work with him. haha. He´s super organized and he was like ¨you better take advantage of me now while you can, before the stake steals me¨ hahaha and we were like.... yeah he´s right. At least I´ll have a week to work with him. On Sunday we have an invitation day again! We´re shooting for over 100 this time! We´re inviting EVERYONE. I think a lot will come. Can´t wait to see the results! We had a zone conference yesterday! It was super great. It was all about D&C 4. And Hna Douglas gave a super great capacitacion (how do you say that in english??) about teaching and baptizing families. They did a study once. With 180 normal baptisms there was only 20% activity but with 150 family baptisms there was an 80% activity. So awesome! They´ve asked each companionship to baptize 1 family in their 3 transfers that they have left as mission president and wife. I´m excited to hear how it goes! But anyways, everything is great. Gonna work super hard for my last week so I can say I gave it all I got at the end. I love you all soooo much and I´ll see you in a week!! :)

Hermana Woolf
                        Emily and Johan

               Helping Ivelice's mom shell pigeon peas
          Looks like so little, but took so long.
        A girl did matching braids for us
           How did these get in the church?
           Squished in a ruta
        Valentine's Day brownies

      The dinner and decorations Yubi, Anny, and Oscar did for my birthday.

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