Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - Week 77

Hey everyone! First so happy for Scott and Maureah and baby Addilyn! Can´t wait to meet her! Thanks for all your sweet letters this week everyone! I´m so excited that it´s all worked out to be able to see everyone before going back to school!! It will be such a fun month home! Things have been great here! We´ve been working hard. We got a surprise miracle that Thamar and Chantel the daughters of Eva want to be baptized right away! I dont know still if it will be possible before I leave, but either way I´m really happy for them. The man needing an operation won't have it until the 20th now. It´s like a wait in the hospital until it´s your turn kinda thing in this country so he´s been there for like 2 weeks already. I hope I get to see him before I leave though. I gave my last testimony in the Villa Gonzalez branch this past Sunday. I lost it. It´s finally starting to hit me that I´m leaving. Everyone is so great and inviting me to their homes for dinners and stuff. I do have to give one last talk though. Hahaha. I thought I was done. All 4 of us missionaries have to talk though my last sunday. We´re doing an invitation day again and Pres Steven wants it to be special and hear from us. It will be good. I´m starting to get my things organized. I have so much stuff. I´m giving a lot to my comp and throwing a lot away too. But can you guys come with some extra space just in case to stick some books in or something? Thanks for getting the watch for Oscar. Anny LOVES the movie Frozen so any little thing related to that she´d love! You guys are great! That Cave restaurant sounds great! Let´s go! That´s so exciting about Janet! I can´t wait to meet her! Let me know when you know about when I´ll get released and what my topic for my homecoming talk is too! Yay I´m so happy I´ll be home to see Jamie get her call! What´s the news on the temple? Have you guys gone yet? Or are you waiting? I´m sorry Jamie has been sick! Hope she gets better quick! I don´t think you have to wear church clothes when you´re here but I just asked Pres Douglas in an email to check so I´ll tell you next week. So just to let you guys know... I´m feeling kinda nervous to come home and be back in the real world and not a missionary anymore. I guess it´s just to warn you for any future awkwardness. Ha. I don´t know. Hopefully it won´t be as bad as I think. :) Sorry it´s a short email this week. Don´t have much time. But I love you all! See you SUPER soon!
Hermana Woolf

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