Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014 - Week 53

Hey! First of all... Congratulations Melissa and Ryan on your adorable new baby Finn! Can´t wait to meet him! And Happy Birthday Mom!! Hope it was a wonderful day! So... as you know, I didn´t write yesterday... Well it was because I was in Tamboril!! Pres Douglas gave my comp and I permission to go since we´re together and my comp will be finishing her mission next transfer. We went to visit Ruben and the kids, but Esther was working... but we got a call later on in the day that she came home early so we went back to visit her. They are doing great! Rwel is talking now! We asked if they were preparing to go to the temple to be sealed in November, and they are. A few months ago I sent them a poster with the Santo Domingo temple and wrote the date Novevmber 9 on it, since that is exactly a year after the baptism of Esther. Well I didn´t check the date or anything to know what day it fell on. It was so cute. Ruben and Esther were so concerned. They were like.. We don´t know what to do. Nov 9 falls on a Sunday! Haha. We told them to talk to the branch president and see if they can go a day earlier on the 8th. Ruben is already saving up all the money to go and everything. I can´t wait to see them sealed!! It will be such a special day. After that we went and visited a family in the ward The Morels. They are the ones that always fed us on Sundays. And of course they fed us yesterday too. :) Then we visited the Nunez family and after that the Rodriguez family. Abish still remembered me! They are all doing great! It was so good to go back and see people. I wish I had more time. But I was thinking.. I don´t know how you guys feel about it, but I´m thinking it would be fun if Mom and Dad came to get me at the end of the mission and I could show you around and be your translator. :) Haha. But.. we wouldn´t be able to go the beach or anything because I´ll still be a missionary. But once I get home I´ll start school and then have to work so it would be difficult to come back. I don´t know. It´s just an idea. Let me know what you think. But other than yesterday, it was a good week. We met a new guy named Daniel and he´s so awesome. His family lives in the US and he´s trying to get there too, but it will take a while. Anyways… we´re teaching him again today so we´ll see how it goes. On Friday we had the activity with Emily and Johan. We watched the Restoration with them and a few members. When we visited them on Monday to ask how it was, they said they didn´t have a single doubt about it anymore!! It was awesome! Emily is still nervous to be baptized, but in our next visit we´re going to set a date with their help so they can feel prepared with enough time. I think they´ll be baptized soon though. Saturday was the big branch activity! But…of course there was rain. When there is rain in this country, no one leaves their house. Not even to go to church. It´s really sad. But we still planned on having the activity with anyone that came. We had about 35 people. It was fun. We gave the certificates to the 2 sisters that earned them and played some games and everyone brought food to share. On Sunday, Emily and Johan came to church and Mariano the inactive we´ve been teaching. And his son who is also a member just moved back home to live with his dad so he came too. Eva and her family couldn´t come on Sunday because Chantel had the chickengunya and was in the hospital. But we visited them on Monday and she´s doing better. We talked about baptism with them. They had a lot of questions. We will put a baptismal date on Saturday. I finally got my notebook from Tamboril this week. It´s been going around to the people to write. But there are a few that haven´t written yet. But I have to get it going in Villa Gonzalez because I think I´ll be leaving in 2 weeks and my comp will only be here for 1 more transfer. But I asked the people that haven´t written to send me something to stick in it. Hopefully they do. Or I´ll have to send it back to Tamboril again. But that´s about it. I have to go because we have a training with Pres Douglas in an hour in Santiago. But I love you all!! Welcome to the fam Finn!

Hermana Woolf


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