Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday, August 13 - Week 51

Hey everyone! How was your week? I can`t wait to hear about and see pics of my new nephew! I hope he comes this week! Congratulations Christina on finishing your half marathon! What an accomplishment! That`s so crazy that Jamie is almost off to college! Time really flies. It`s been a pretty good week here. I am seriously dying of the heat, but we`re half way through August now. Well we`ve had to let go of a few people this week. It`s hard when you love someone and want them to progress, but they just don`t. But God has his time for everyone. Maybe they will have more of a desire later on. Our RS president went out with us this week to have a few visits with inactives that we`re teaching. Mariano and his family, and Maria and Santo and their family. We had really good lessions with both families and have a lot of hope for them. Both families have attended church since I got here. Mariano came on Sunday with his kids. We`re still working with his wife, she isn`t a member. Eva is still progressing very quickly. She couldn`t come to church on Sunday because she had a guy working on her bathroom and she had to stay in the house while he was there. But her daughters came! They really love the church! Melina also came! She has changed completely. I`ve been teaching her my whole time here and she`s always had a desire to come back, but wanted to come back with her husband. He has less of a desire though. So she recently decided that no one would take away her blessings and wants to come every Sunday. Hopefully her husband will start to come soon. We`ve also been working with a less active lady Estela. Her son has been on a mission in Mexico and gets back this week! So we`ve been trying to help her come back before he gets here. It will really help her to have him in the house again and motivate her to do the right things. On Monday we planned an activity for Emily and Johan to watch the Restoration video and invited several members that are friends with them, but I don`t know what happened. They didn`t show up. We called, they didn`t answer. We passed by their house, they weren`t there. So we`re going to have to plan it again. We`re going to visit them tonight to see what happened. But we watched another church movie with everyone that came and had popcorn. It was fun. Yesterday we found a great new family! I love finding families. They seemed really interested. We`re planning another activity with Ivelice for next week. We`re inviting lots of members and we`re going to eat and have an FHE with her and her daughter. She told us yesterday that she has plans to give up selling lottery numbers the beginning of next month (because she`s already paid for the month). Then she`ll finally be able to come to church again!! She seriously knows so much and is progressing a lot. She just needs to go to church. Anyways, that`s about all that`s happened this week. Mom, so glad to hear you`re getting better. Hope the headaches go away soon. (I asked Stephanie about the money they receive for living expenses)…So with our money, we receive 3800 pesos (about $90) every 15 days. We use it for food, transportation, other things we need. It seems like so much but we all just barely make it to the next apoyo. Haha. I`m using the last of my money to write you guys. Apoyo comes tomorrow. :) We don`t pay for rent, but we share our water with our neighbors so we pay for that every other month, but we get reimbursements of course. Well I love you all. Have a great week!

Hermana Woolf

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