Monday, June 23, 2014

Wednesday, June 18 - Week 43

Hey! Well we had transfers today.. but nothing new. My comp isn`t training so we`ll be together another transfer. I kinda thought I would leave, but I think President wants me here a little longer, especially with our whole plan with the members and everything. But I`ll probably be transferred next transfer. So on Saturday we had our big branch activity! It was super fun! We had over 100 people!! (Most of them were kids from the neighborhood. Haha.) But some of our inactives came and investigators! It was good so they could meet the members and feel more comfortable. We`ve been contacting a lot this week so there isn`t much new. But one of the people we contacted was very interesting. It was actually kinda scary for us the things she was doing, but I won`t go into details on that. Haha. But we found a super great family to teach (well as far as I can tell from a first visit). We`re going to visit them again next week. One of my good friends from my CCM group got transferred to Tamboril today! That`s 3 from my group now that have been there. But really not too much new this week. Mom that`s so exciting that you got called as seminary teacher!!! Do you know which age group you`ll have yet? Who else is teaching? Who is the new president? What classes did Jamie sign up for? What other classes is she looking into? For a religion class, try to get Elder Whalquist. He goes SUPER fast so it`ll probably be hard, but he`s the best teacher I`ve had so far of all my classes. That`s so exciting about the Spurs!!! I had no idea what was going on this week, but on Sunday I was teaching a family and the kids were giving me updates and told me that the Spurs won the championship the next day! And who ever said the Spurs were too old??? :)  So yeah I`ve heard about the mosquitos. It`s been more of a problem in other areas, but they are going to pay for all of us to buy repellant (even though it doesn`t even work for me). So when I go to Santiago next week I`ll buy some. I`ve been lucky not to get sick so far. Hopefully it continues. Well I hope you have a great week! I love you all! (sorry this is a short one. Hopefully I have more to share next week. Ha.)
Hermana Woolf

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